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7 day pass worth it?

7 day pass worth it?

Hi appreciate some advise on my trip. I am planning to buy a 7 day pass. Also any comments on the route , Anything else that I could fit in?


13th May Arrive Tokyo 0720 am
14th May Tokyo all day
15th May Tokyo all day
16th May (Activate pass)Tokyo to shibazakura daytrip
17th May Tokyo Daytrip to Nikko. I want to go to Magone/Tsumago walk the next day. Would I be wise to return to Nagoya and spend the night there?

18th May NAGOYA for Nakatsugawa and bus to Magone. Drop off bags and walk to Tusmago. Overnight in Tsumago or up to Matsuomo for an overnight

19th May Matsumoto (Black Castle to Hiroshima (5 hours) A few hours in Hiroshima stuff then go straight to Miyajima Island. Overnight on Island.

20th May Miyajima Island for the day. Leave around 5 and go to Uno/Takamatsu to the Naoshima Island (2 hours train plus ferry)

21st May Naoshima in morning… Himenji Castle in afternoon and then onto Kyoto for the rest of the time.
22nd May Kyoto to nara/mount koya daytrip (pass ends)
23rd May Kyoto
24th May Kyoto then flight from Osaka at 2230.


Day 1 Tokyo arrival
Day 2 Tokyo
Day 3 Tokyo
Day 4 activate 7day JR Pass, Nikko day trip
Day 5 Shibazakura Day trip.

Shibazakura is actually on the way from Tokyo to Matsumoto, it is possible to book a hotel in Kawaguchiko or return to Tokyo.

Day 6 Tokyo to Matsumoto castle, afternoon train to Tsumago(overnight)
Day 7 Tsumago/Magome walk, train to Okayama(overnight)
Day 8 Hiroshima/Miyajima Day trip from Okayama
Day 9 Naoshima Day trip from Okayama
Day 10 to Himenji Castle in afternoon and then onto Kyoto for the rest of the time.(pass expires)
Day 11 Nara or Mt Koya day trip,

you can not do both

Day 12 Kyoto
Day 13 Kyoto, fly home


thank you very much, I will have a play around with the revised schedule


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