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7 day pass or 14 day pass

7 day pass or 14 day pass

Hello, just trying to maximize our choice of a JR pass. here’s our planned intinerary

  • DAY 1 Arrive in Tokyo
  • DAY 2 Tokyo
  • DAY 3 Day Trip to YOKOHAMA
  • DAY 4 Tokyo
  • DAY 5 Leave for KYOTO
  • DAY 6 Kyoto
  • DAY 7 Kyoto
  • DAY 8 Kyoto
  • DAY 9 Leave for NARA
  • DAY 10 NARA
  • DAY 11 Arrive at MT. KOYASAN
  • DAY 12 Leave Mt. Koyasan for OSAKA
  • DAY 13 OSAKA take afternoon train to TOKYO
  • DAY 14 Leave Tokyo


  1. Is it better if we purchase standard tickets for the Yokohama Day Trip as well as trip to Kyoto from Tokyo, then just purchase a 7-DAY pass starting on DAY 9? Or are we better off purchasing a 14-day pass starting on DAY 3?

  2. What are the differences between the first class JRpass and the regular ticket?

  3. Do you have any great dining recommendations for Osaka?

Any guidance would be much appreciated, thanks :)


Hi there!

Hmmm... Your trip looks like it's borderline whether you should buy a pass or not actually. Certainly totalling all your legs a 14 day pass would not be good value for you:

  • Narita -> Tokyo (¥3000)
  • Tokyo (¥800 on JR Yamanote)
  • Yokohama (¥900 return)
  • Tokyo (¥800 on JR Yamanote)
  • Tokyo -> Kyoto (¥13,420)
  • Kyoto -> Nara (¥700)
  • Nara -> koyasan (¥1000)
  • Koyasan -> Osaka (¥200)
  • Osaka -> Tokyo (¥13,950)

Approx. JR total ticket price: ¥34,770.

So I would certainly recommend you choose separate tickets over the 14 day Japan Rail Pass (¥45,100)

There are savings to be made if you use a 7 day pass, but only if you managed to include both Tokyo -> Kyoto and Osaka -> Tokyo legs into the rail pass. This would mean some alterations to your trip as your planned loop down to Kyoto and back is over 9 days. If you have booked Koyasan, then you could reduce your time in the Kyoto/Nara area to start on DAY 7 and spend more time in Tokyo? A difficult decision!

If your plans cannot be changed then I'd recommend you buy separate tickets as you will not be able to get full value out of a 7 day rail pass without including these legs.

We have a great post about what you can expect from Green Car / First Class seats on our blog. It also has lots of pictures to give you an idea of seat sizes and so on.

About restaurants in Osaka... If really depends on your price range, but if you are after something quintessentially Osakan, then I have to recommend you at least take a look at Dōtombori. Don't expect Michelin stars, but it's very good fun!

Hope you have a great trip!

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Wow, that was incredibly precise.

Will have a chat with my husband and see if we can move a few things around. Will definitely make our way to Dotombori. Looks like a lot of fun :)

ども ありがとう ございます!



If you have any more questions, let me know!

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