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7 day jrpass good for my itinerary?

7 Day JRPass good for my itinerary?

Arrive Thursday evening 11/19 Narita Airport at 4:30pm
Fri 11/20 Spend day at DisneySeas
Sat 11/21 Spend Day exploring Tokyo
Sun 11/22 Travel from Tokyo to Hakone (via Odawara station)stay overnight
Mon 11/23 Depart Hakone to Kyoto (stay overnight in Osaka)
Tue 11/24 Explore Koyto (stay in Osaka)
Wed 11/25 Explore NARA and return to Tokyo (stay overnight Tokyo)
Thur 11/26 Tokyo in a.m. depart Narita airport at 6pm.

Questions: Does a 7-day pass make sense?
if so, when should I activate 7-day pass?
Any feedback on itinerary would be welcome.

Thank you.


Hi there,

Using a 7 day JR Pass works very well with your itinerary.

My suggestion would be to use it for Fri 11/21 - Thur 11/26. This would get you the best coverage, you can even use the JR Pass for travel to Disneyland (Maihama station).

The rest looks good, the visit to Hakone goes very well with the route that you'll travel and the trip to Nara is a great inclusion too.

Hope this helps,

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