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7 day jrp can be flexible

7 day jrp can be flexible

Hi all i'm still researching but I think I know how I roughly want to spend my time
I fly out on the 20th March and land on the 21st

sat 21st Tokyo- rest, Markets, explore, nightclub possibly ( not researched yet but I know roppongi is one of the nightlife districts but may be warned off as a female solo traveller)

22nd sunday harajuku and explore
23rd monday nagano day trip Jigokudai ( I know there is an extra transport cost)
tuesday 24th kyoto bamboo forest and sagano train ( closed wed) stay overnight
wednesday 25th kyoto half day travel to osaka ( I have found hostel accomodation as I know now is pretty busy to secure places to stay)
Osaka overnight
thurs 26 osaka full day ( amazing osaka one day/ two day pass if i'm there for half day may just use the onsen) travel to hiroshima stay one night
fri 27 full day hiroshima and mujimanji ferry travel to mt fuji stay overnight
sat 28th view or not to view mt fuji ( wanted to check the weather for visibility but im stuck as I cant choose which day to go because of the pass) full/half day travel back to tokyo
28-30th tokyo

I know I can book some trains in advance, but it seems that if i cant I can just turn up and go when I want which is great. I would like to stay longer in each place but I cant because of the pass. Is there anyway with such a tight schedule to make more sense of the starting and ending point.. hiroshima first etc. I know Kyoto and Osaka are accesible with an additional cost to my pass. But I need to book accomodation asap so need to figure out if its all nessecary as I guess sleeper trains cost much more but will check the prices, but sure I don't need them if I can stay overnight but it is an option. As i'm sure I will be wasting time finding accomodation leavingmy backpack etc

Thanks in adavnce :)


Hello there,

Just looking at normal ticket prices, a 7 day JR Pass would help you to make amazing savings over normal tickets. At the same time, the itinerary is very packed. The order of in which you made the itinerary is also the route I would suggest. What I would suggest is spending the night in Hiroshima on the 27th and take the Shinkansen the following morning to Tokyo. You will see Fuji from the Shinkansen if the weather is good, you could then decide to make a stop on the way to Tokyo at Odwara station for Hakone from there, or remain on the train to Tokyo if the weather is not so good.

An alternative is to look at the sleeper train between Okayama (not far form Hiroshima) - Tokyo, this is the Sunrise Express, the JR Pass covers a basic seat without additional charge, however the train can only be reserved once in Japan. This could prove a problem as night trains can be sold out days in advance. Therefor I think staying the night in Hiroshima and traveling on the following morning is a safer option.

Hope this helps,

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Hey Daniel San

Should I stay in osaka for two nights and travel to hiroshima in the morning (27th) instead of staying in hiroshima on the 26th and stay only on the 27th as you have suggested, or a sleeper train sounds great back to tokyo but wont be able to book accomodation in hiroshima until I know I can book the sleeper.

Should I really give mt fuji a miss.. five lakes etc as i know I cant always view it

And is that enough time in Koyoto to see everything

Thanks so much


Or can I save accomodation costs getting from tokyo to okayama on monday after nagano as my first trip rather than paying to stay in hiroshima? :)


And sorry Hakone isn't covered by the JR pass is it?


Sorry me again

I am possibly meeting someone in koyoto so had to change my plans would this still work?

23 monday nagano day trip monkey overnight sleeper if i can book it

tuesday 24 hiroshima full day( if i cant then hiroshima overnight)

wednesday 25th-26th one night one and a half days

thursday 26-27- koyoto one night one and a half days

28th mt fuji full day travel back to tokyo
29-30th hostel in tokyo


Hi again!

That's a lot of messages, so I hope that I cover everything. Doing Nagano on the 23rd and Hiroshima on the 24th would really put your travel together and you'd spend most of these days on the trains. I would recommend a day or two in between at Kyoto/Osaka if possible.

As for hakone, the JR Pass covers travel to Hakone but not within.

You could ofcouse try to night train to save costs, it's a nice experience as well.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks Daniel

that's really helpful

Its because I have to use my pass 7 days within activating it that's why i'm squishing it together. :)

I hope I can sleep at the station if i cant get a sleeper to hiroshima as i've only booked accommodation to check out on the 23rd now haha :) Will catch the first train in the morning otherwise otherwise and grab dinner nearby somewhere :)

Sorry for my million messages

Hmm is there a natural outdoor onsesn within walking distance or bus ride away from Hakone. Just inc ase fuji is not worthwhile then I will take your suggestion, but my last stop now will be kyoyo as I haven't booked any accommodation after that

There are only a few regional differences with travel passes in each region here but there are too many in Japan! I guess we are tiny in the Uk :)

Ive booked a night in hiroshima, a night in osaka and a night in kyoto, I guess I can travel back to osaka or kyoto ( would have liked two days in each but didnt wat to be stuck or have to pay for another rail pass if my 7 days have fineshed) or Hakone with my free days and just find a good viewing point to see mt. Fuji on a clear day.

thanks so much :)


Hi again!

I know the feeling of trying to visit as much as possible. As for spending the night in Hiroshima, the station will be closed during the night. However you could find an internet cafe and spend the night there. It's truly a Japanese experience and I used to do it a lot in the past. There are night plans available for around 2,000yen, that includes unlimited drinks (sometimes curry) and other stuff.

There are actually over 12 onsen in Hakone, have a look at this website if you wish to know more.

The UK is (as Japan) a rail country, however I think the system would work much better if there would be one national company or companies would work better together.

Have a great trip!

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Thanks Daniel that is really helpful

No sorry I might sleep at the station in Shinjanken ( Tokyo) if I cant get an overnight train or bus unless I can find last minute dirt cheap accomdation but the will see the tourist coming.

Might get the bus to nagano too as its cheaper haha and have to pay more to actually go see the monkeys by train and bus then pay to get in.. have to work out if its worth it

Overnight in an internet cafe I guess they are open all night, but I dont drink coffe so don't knwo how I will stay awake unless the internet is very cheap :)

Hmm they have plans to stay in the cafe, bed food and internet sounds like a plan :) will research that too :)

Japan seems 10 times more complicated than japan.. there are too many lines and your right they would work better together but the UK is slowly privatising everything here too


I hope I do, just haven;t got lots of time to plan but I have to :)

Thanks so much Daniel

Now going back to figuring out all the different passes in different regions as its an additional cost so may end up getting bus to get me around lol


Hi again :D

Well you can actually sleep in the internet cafe, the atmosphere is very relaxed and you can get a reclining seat or even a 2 person bench. Most are equipped with showers as well.

Good luck with your planning and let me know if you have anything else I can help with.

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Sorry Daniel I thought I had replied!

I had a manga cafe on my list but didn't know they double up as accomodation. I had a look at one yesterday and it looks like an experience, so thanks for pointing that out.

Can I ask about intercity travel I'm looking at costing

saka amaxing one day 2300 £!12 or 3000 two days 3000 £16 ( two days)

Kyoto bus pass 500 yen £2.50 one day and metro card as I will be viewing some sites that I need to get the underground too Gian Shanbsshi, kitanu temangu nishi jin textile centre, nisiji food market. There is a lot of ground to cover so I think I need two/three days here :)

1300 JR subo from narita airport and 300 for one day metro pass to my hotel £8 return £16

plus 6 days travel by metro in tokyo ( x5 open tickets) 1500 yen or £8 or SUICA/PASMO does this cap fares it seems better to get a one day pass as a 2o minues journey is nearly 200 yen

Roughly £60/70 in total 7000 yen? does that sound right

1300 yen £7 plus ICOCA card? JR Kansai Hiroshima Area Pass

I want to go to Kyushu as well is that ok for travel 😁


Sorry ignore that I think I have figured it all out but without going to Kyushu 😁

1300 JR subo from narita airport to tokyo return £15

plus 5days travel by metro/JR in tokyo SUICA 4000¥ £22

10000¥ willer express £55

Overnight bus to nagano

Travel to jigokudani

Bus to shigakogen return ?

500¥ entrance cost £2.50

Overnight bus to Hiroshima

Hiroshima and Miyajama

670 yen JR sanyo from Hiroshima station to miyajama and tram 2 back to Hiroshima

(Miyajama) Ferry return 180 each way 360 total

1000¥ £5.50

Travel to peace park not sure of cost but there is a ferry from Mijiyama but looking for the cheapest option

Night time bus to Osaka

Osaaka amazing pass 3000¥ £16.50 two days

Train to Kyoto from osaka

the fare from JR Osaka to JR Kyoto stations is 560¥ £2.50

Metro and bus in Kyoto 1500¥ &8

Nightbus from koyoto to kuyushu/ back to Tokyo

Pay for train back to Tokyo or leave out Kyushu unless there is a cheaper way to get there?

Or I think I may need a 5 day pass ( which I'm not going to do unless I'm going to Kyushu)

Would like to see some beach

So in total for travel so far £124 without kuyushu

Accomodation on my travels £50 one night in each place

And £50 for last three days in Tokyo accomodation as have a voucher for first few nights

Plus food etc £350 total

Does that sound right


Afgh I forgot about the sagano train and Kyoto 2 day sightseeing card

Basically I'm trying to see wether getting the JRP will avoid all the extra costs as I know the JRP covers some areas in kyoto, Osaka, Kyushu, Hiroshima, and Nagano

But there are extra costs which I can't avoid

I know I can use the train jr Sanyo and the ferry connection in Hiroshima with the JRP

But I need a sightseeing pass in Kyoto 1000¥ for one days as I want to get the sagano train and explore there in day two

I need ¥5000 yen or less if I get the JRP as I know some lines are covered, so maybe ¥2000

And airport costs ¥2600 as I'm not activating my pass on the first day with the JR Sobu

3000¥ Osaka

¥1000 yen Nagano

Roughly 10000¥ £55 ontop of the JRP Is that right


I'm sorry Daniel you've been an amazing help but I think its JR for me but need to be sure, this is a revised extra research version


Basically I'm trying to see wether getting the JRP will avoid all the extra costs as I know the JRP covers some areas in kyoto, Osaka, Kyushu, Hiroshima, and Nagano. I think I make an £100 saving going by bus which isn't massively huge but its a saving

But are there extra costs which I can't avoid that I've missed I just need to be sure I won't get caught out but I know emergencies might happen etc


And airport costs ¥2600 as I'm not activating my JRP on the first day with the JR Sobu

I need ¥5000 yen or less if I get the JRP as I know some lines are covered, so maybe ¥2000


Day 3 Tokyo to Nagano

Travel to jigokudani

¥1000 entrance fee and bus return to shigakogen will walk) travel to Hiroshima late evening MAY STAY OVERNIGHT AS THIS IS A 6 HOUR JOURNEY AND CAN'T FIND LATE TRAINS ON HYPERDIA OR WILL TRY TO GET THE SLEEPER IF I CAN BOOK IT

Day 4

Hiroshima and Miyajama JRP covered for the JR Sanyo and the ferry

Travel to peace park from Hiroshima JR TRAIN

Tram 2/6 150¥ each way 300¥ in total




Osaaka amazing pass 3000¥ ONE AND A HALF DAYS

DAY 6 -7

Kyoto Staying overnight

the sagano train 600 ¥ one way JRP for the return journey

Kyoto 1 day sightseeing card 1200¥ - day 7

Jr Sagano Saga Arishiyama JRP

I know I can use the train jr Sanyo and the ferry connection in Hiroshima with the JRP

the fare from JR Osaka to JR Kyoto stations is 560¥ NOT COVERED BY JR



11360 ¥ in total £62

JRP £155 plus £62 intercity travel

Plus £50 Tokyo £50 on JR Journey allready booked accomodation

one night manga cafe possibly ;)

£50 food gifts club/show ( give or take)

the sumo tickets I've found have sold out



Does that sound right


Hi again!

That's a lot of information so I hope I got everything. I checked your last itinerary and it does sound right (although I am not up to date on the yen/pound exchange rate).

The train between Osaka and Kyoto is covered by the JR Pass, it's indeed 560 yen but the extra savings are nice :)

Japan does not have to be expansive, you can basically make it as expansive as you like.

It all looks good for the rest.

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Hey Daniel

Thanks so much for your patience you've been really helpful

Great that's good to know I kind of know what I'm talking about

The rough exchange rate is 183¥ to the pound so working it out on that

Thanks so much

I won't be able to see or do everything but I'm on a budget 😀


Hi Daniel sorry me again

I have stumbled across another amazing place to vist which I may be warned off as the route doesn't seem that simple.

I will hopefully have 3 days left of my rail pass

Land in Tokyo stay for two days


3 Nagano early morning then late train toHiroshima

4 Hiroshima stay overnight

5 Osaka stay over night (which I can cancel and just spend half a day here and two full days I'm kyoto)

6 Kyoto one and a half days

7 kyoto ibusuki to yakushima

Fukuyami and Kagoshina chuo show on HYPERDIA within the journey by nizomi trains which are most probably expensive (will check as its midnight and I need to sleep) and one JR train. I guess this means I need to change between each of those stations, or does this show the stops it makes and telling me I have to change at Kagoshina chuo.

I have briefly looked at the journey to yakushima and know I have to get a ferry I will opt for the slow cheap one to yakushima.

It seems there are beaches in yakushima and a beautiful forest and natural onsen on the rocks by the sea( they may be spaced out but would like to do all three).

I can see this route is only partially operated by a JR train, but if I work out the cost and the journey is it possible to leave Kyoto early morning as I want a full day to ride the sagano train and visit Arishiyama and another day to visit around Kyoto (so may skip Osaka)

Could I do this journey in 2 days if

Leave early from Kyoto ( early train 6-7 hours get to Kagoshima at 1pm)

Kagoshima bay hot sand baths half day until 5pm get the ferry to yakushima 4 hour slow ferry. I think I read only the fast ferry travels from here to yakushima? If that's right is there another way (again I will check when I can see straight :)

Stay overnight and see the forest beaches etc in the morning leave as early as I can to get me back to Kagoshima- Tokyo. If I can't then I will stay another night or stay the night in Kagoshima and travel back to Tokyo (will check the route) or back to Kyoto them change to get back to Tokyo.

So three days max, is there an easier way maybe from Hiroshima etc? I will lose my small deposit on my accomodation but this trip seems worth it.

Even if you think its ridiculous pleae say or help me find a less ridiculous route please.

Thanks in advance. Arigato, (next learn some Japanese quickly )

I hope to get the always fully booked sleeper from Nagano to Hiroshima failing that I will either leave Nagano until my return from my last destination on my rail pass, 6-7th day on JRP, or forget it all together( but I want to go but the trains don't seems to run that often to get back to Tokyo/ Hiroshima I may be wrong)

So if I miss that my first day will be Hiroshima with the JRP

2 Osaka/Kyoto

3 Kyoto

4 ibusuki

5 yakushima

6 yakushima to ibusiki/ Tokyo

7 Ibusuki to Nagano (not checked the route yet to see if I can do it)

Or if I have to skip Nagano then overnight somewhere else- Nagasaki etc or ibusuki if the journey from yakushima won't let me travel further that day (due to the ferries etc)


Hi again

Other options is leave Kagoshima if the costs are high for a half day trip (still not checked)

and fly to Yakushim a from Osaka
But on JAL it seems that are are blackout dates, and one flight a day being the only airline that flys there? I may be wrong but the flights are pricey but seem worth it.

Without the JRP to ofset the cost of the more expensive flight to yakushima/

Or do all my journeys by willer express overnight buses and fly to Okinawa/ yakushima from Osaka for a few days with a Japanese airpass (okinawa only) or sky mark flights (okinawa) 10000¥ return. If I can I will book before I leave London. But this will fly me back into Osaka unless I can get a return to Tokyo (thought round trip back to Osaka will be cheaper but maybe not) fly back to Tokyo for the 29th and spend my last night in Tokyo. Otherwise I would have to pay for a train from Osaka.


Or I would love to visit Amami oshima island in Okinawa but this is an extra route I think when I briefly researched a few days ago. Is it possible to clarify if the ferry sails to Okinawa any more as I'm sure one website said that it stopped last year, but other websites say it still runs;)


Hi again!

Sorry for the late replay, you always right so much that I have to sit down for it and read it all - I enjoy it though!

The first feeling I do by reading everything, is that it may be too busy for the time alloted. Going all the way down to Kagoshima and the islands certainly is a possibility but I'd advise flying back from there to Tokyo, as it otherwise will cost too much travel time.

Since you've got so many places on your wish list, I'd recommend grouping them in order you wish to see them most. Then see how many you could reasonably plan within a week. From instance Tokyo - Nagano (2N) - Kyoto/Osaka (2N) - Hiroshima (1N) - Kagoshima/Ibusuki (1n) - visit the islands, such as Yukushima. Then fly back to Tokyo from Yakushima.

Or you could add 2 months and visit it all :D

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Thanks again Daniel for making sense of my nonsense

I think your right I have allready planned my return journey trips and I think I would need at least a month or too

Haha I talk as much as I write but I'm glad you enjoy my ramblings

I am going to leave it this time I just looks so amazing

So that brings me onto my next question

My final intinery is similar to what you mentioned

2 days in Tokyo arrival and one full day

One day in Nagano- overnight if I can't get the train to Hiroshima overnight or a late night train

1 night Hiroshima

1 night Osaka/ sightseeing in koyoto

1 night Kyoto, Arishiyama/ sagano

And 3 nights I have no plans

So.. Here is the long bit some copied from websites

“Shirahama Ohama beach 27/03 from Kyoto/Osaka/Tokyo JRP”

chocabloczilla · 239 forum posts
today, 10:08
Yumigahama or shirahama beach

Shirahama Ohama beach (seems like the nicest most accessible beach from the station) bus or walk from shimoda station, I have seen that the JRP does not fully cover travel to shimoda but can only find Info from Ito to shimoda which says its ¥1600 I think one way.

Route, schedule and time required


These express trains connects Tokyo with Atami in 1hour 30 minutes, Tokyo with Izukyu-Shimoda in 2 hours and 30 to 50 minutes,


Tokyo and Izukyu-Shimoda –3 round trips

2 of above 3 trips are combined with the trains to Shuzenji

Super View Odoriko

Tokyo and Izukyu-Shimoda — 3 scheduled round trips

From Shinjuku to Izukyu-Shimoda — 1 trip (depart from Ikebukuro on weekend)

From Izukyu-Shimoda to Ikebukuro — 1 trip

Omiya and Izukyu-Shimoda — 1 round trip on weekend only

Super view ordoriko or ordoriko s covered with the JRP from Tokyo/ shinjuku to izukuyu shimoda

Restriction for Japan Rail Pass users

Odoriko and Super View Odoriko are operated on Non Japan Railway line too. These trains are operated on Izu-Kyuko line from Ito to Izukyu-Shimoda and Izu-Hakone Railways from Mishima to Shuzenji. If you take these express train on Izu-Kyuko line or Izu-Hakone Railways, you need to pay extra fare.

Extra fare table for Izu-Kyuko line

Basic fare from Ito (伊東) Limited express surcharge

Izu-Kogen (伊豆高原) 640yen reserved 500yen / non-reserved 400yen

Izu-Atagawa (伊豆熱川) 970yen

Izu-Inatori (伊豆稲取) 1,150yen

Kawazu (河津) 1,330yen

Izukyu-Shimoda (伊豆急下田) 1,570yen

Extra fare table for Izu-Hakone Railways

Basic fare from Mishima (三島) Limited express surcharge

Mishima-Tamachi (三島田町) 130yen No extra surcharge

Daiba(大場) 180yen

And we have one more restriction when you take Green compartment on Super View Odoriko. Even Japan Rail Pass for Green class user cannot take Green compartment without the surcharge. The surcharge is 6,000yen per a compartment. Green compartment can accommodate up to 4 passengers.

If you cannot catch Odoriko, take Shinkansen to Mishima and transfer to Izu-Hakone Railway. But it is same story as Atami. There is no Nozomi stopping at Mishima. Hikari is available but number of trains are very limited. Mostly Kodama is the best train.

From Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya or any cities in west part of Japan

It is same scenario as going to Atami. You can take Shinkansen to Mishima and transfer to local train of Izu-Hakone Railway. But Hikari stopping at Mishima is very limited. Try to find Hikari stops at Shizuoka or Atami and transfer to Kodama.

So I am confused as to the best way to get there and what the additional charge would be with my JRP?there seems to be lots to see but on different parts of the island noth/ south, atamj plum festival etc.

If I use my JRP Shinkansen to Mishima and transfer to Izu-Hakone Railway this does not take me to where I need to get to.

I will have three days left on my JRP so Is it easier/ quicker cheaper to go to a decent beach and see a few sites (as I see they have a micro climate) from Tokyo or from Kyoto l/ Osaka as I need to plan my journey and factor in cost and book accomodation ASAP. Are are these trains usually booked by locals or tourists well in advance as I can only book when I land in Tokyo if I travel straight to shinjanken to book them? But maybe reservations are not allowed.

I would just like to see some greenery and some beaches before heading home

Please help




Or kagush ima for the hot sands (not sure of the cost from Kyoto) and one day in the Izu peninsula then last day back to Tokyo?


One day in Nagano- overnight if I can't get the train to Hiroshima overnight(sleeper) or a late night train (it doesn't look like it runs frequently from Nagano/ Hiroshima) or stay in a manga cafe or something near the train station/ or stay awake at Nagano station is this allowed?

1 night Hiroshima

1 night Osaka (accomodation booked there only capsule hotel I can find which allows women so I'm keeping my reservation) sightseeing in koyoto


Sorry I said the last question but i' think i've figured out part of my journey

My last stop will be in Kyoto

Is it easier from Kyoto? osaka/ shin osaka to kagoshima chou and are there any other costs which i've missed

Shinkansen hikari 477

Change at shin Kobe

Shinkansen Sakura 571 (5 hour journey)

This is fully covered by the JRP?

Kagoshima Chou to Sand onsen/ sunamushi

Normal train 2000¥ return from ibusuki station and walk to the beach

Hikara and Sakura trains only with JRP

Or from kyoto to shin Osaka to Kagoshima with no transfer ( but will kind of be the same journey)

Osaka Station is JR's big station, but it does notinclude the shinkansen. If you are using yourJapan Rail Pass to ride the bullet train, be sure to go to the station Shin-Osaka. There is an express train (both the Kyoto Line Rapid Service and Special Rapid Service) connecting Osaka and Shin-Osaka stations, with only one stop between them, so it will be a very quick journey!

Sorry does this mean when I arrive in osaka I cannot use osaka station as i'm sure you can?

Whic is the best way to get there and are there any extra costs as it seems there isn't to get to kagoshima chou

Thanks so much :)


I will have to stay overnight to see sakurujima volcano the following day then back to tokyo, I think this is what I want to do with my last few days :) It seems there is no direct route from kagoshima chou back to tokyo? :)


Hopefully this will save you from answering some of my previous questions

Kyoto to Kyushu (Ibusuki- Kagoshima-Tokyo ) or kagoshima- ibusuki- tokyo which way is better

from Ibusuki station ( 7 hours from kyoto) for sand onsen

15 minute walk from JR ibusuki pay ¥1000 yen stay

Ibusuki tamatebako limited express to Kagoshima Chou covered by JRP (55 mins)

Do I have to pay to get to Kagoshima from kagoshima chou?

stay overnight in ibusuki

is there an extra cost from ibusuki to kagoshima to see sakurajima volcanoes

Day 2

from Kagoshima station 10 minute walk to ferry port return ferry ¥320

Tourist loop bus sakurajima island view bus every hour to yunohira observation point and back one day pass ¥500

half day

Head back to Tokyo- Is there an additional cost from kagoshima to Tokyo as hypedia is not clear ( i have de selected some options)

I wish the JR site had a planning tool telling you what extra you had to pay ( will check again to see which trains I cant use apart from nizomi etc.

How much extra for travel not covered by JRP in total please?


I should spend the while day seeing the volcano so it may be best to stay in kagoshima but travel will stlll take 5 hours so will be half day, then the next day train to ibusuki sand bath the back to tokyO?


Hey Daniel,

Sorry to confuse you with my ever changing plans but I am skipping Nagano for next time

So now its two days in Tokyo

And my third day I want to go to

Healthy Land Tomatebako Ibusuki/Kagoshima

I'm trying to plan an overnight trip from Tokyo to see Kagoshima for half a day and then to use the outdoor onsen and sand bath before going to Hiroshima.

I have looked but I can't see any directions to healthy land, I can see reviews and the cost of the onsen ¥500 but don't know how to get there.

I can see that the journey is long from Tokyo so even leaving early I won't get there till early evening ( I think it closes at 8.30pm). I hope to get the train and fit on some onsen time and sand onsen before it closes but I think this is unrealistic. I will check what time the train gets there (when I know where to go) if I leave as early as possible 6am first train.

1000 for healthy land sand onsen (nearby ¥500) and outdoor onsen

If I can get there in the afternoon then I will have a good few hours to spend in both onsens, if not which order do you suggest?

As I would also like to see the volcano in Kagoshima, I wanted to do a half day there them go to the onsen and stay overnight but because its far away that won't be possible.

I am also not clear if my JRP covers the journey to Kagoshima, as I know I can get a train from Tokyo to to ibusuki and a train which you have to pre book to Kagoshima Chou. It ses both startions Kagoshima/ Chou are nearby, I was going to go to ibuski onsen as its near the station but healthy land looks better and I get a sand onsen for the same price as one near ibuski station.

If I get to healthy land first/ Kagoshima from Tokyo how do I get from one to the other as with the time I get there, even if I stay overnight I will only be able to spend half day at each before travelling to Hiroshima as early as possible.

¥820 for ferry and day pass to see sakurajima volcano from Kagoshima

I have the cost and methods of transport to sakurajima from Kagoshima, but all I keep getting is the ibusuki tram to Kagoshima Chou. Am I'm missing something as these are two different startions. I need to book a place to stay too in either place, so which ever one I am stopping at first ,

Thanks in advance


I've been searching for days as the official website is in Japanese and it won't let me use google translate

Are these the right directions?

[ Access ] JR Ibusuki-Makurazaki Line + 25 "Nottari Oritari" Bus ride from "Ibusuki Station"

[ Official Website ] Healthy Land Open-air Onsen Tamatebako Onsen >>

[ Address ] Fukumoto 3340, Yamagawa, Ibusuki City, Kagoshima Prefecture

If so then its just a bus from ibusuki station 😀



Just posting to let you know that I haven't forgotten your questions.

Just need a bit more time and will follow up tomorrow :)

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Hi Daniel no worries

I sound like a stalker, so many messages :)

Thanks so much for your time I know its a lot to digest.

I think I have figured it all out now hopefully

Will travel from Tokyo to ibusuki and I think I have found the bus that goes there (JR Ibusuki-Makurazaki Line + 25 "Nottari Oritari" Bus ride from "Ibusuki Station", then to the sand onsen across the road. I was able to translate the website, and I am staying overnight in a ryokan and will be up bright an early for my journey to kagoshima for half a day then to hirsohima, and straight to bed when I get there :) I was confused with kagoshima/chou but its all clear now I just have to make sure that I don't go on a route that uses the private railways! But can I ask do they let you know when you board or reserve seats, as I read that you usually get charged on board if your pass doesn't cover it. Hopefully I will just be getting on JR lines and express trains that are covered. :)



I am just writing the replay now. Hold on a for a couple of minutes :)

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Hello there,

Sorry for the late replay. I just spend 20 minutes re-reading the whole thing :)

I think it's a good idea to drop Nagano, this frees up a lot of time and will make the rest of the itinerary more relaxed.

Kagoshima is my favorite city in Japan and I am so glad that you picked it! The view of Sakura Jima is amazing and the atmosphere is so laid back. Kagoshima-Chuo is the Shinkansen station for Kagoshima and this is covered by the JR Pass. The Shinkansen is actually one long route but you do need to change trains to travel back to Tokyo.

As for Ibusuki, I am not sure where you wish to travel exactly, it is Ibusuki or Sakurajima or some resort elsewhere? I see you just got this covered in your last replay. There is a train connection from Kagoshima to Ibusuki and the JR Pass covers this too. Additional fares are minimum if at all present for further travel.

Since there's so much information and questions. Could you list your current questions with 1.) 2.) 3.) etc, this will make it easy for me to keep track. Additionally I'd love a day by day itinerary breakdown, this way I can check it for any problems or add recommendations.

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so now my final itineray is

2 nights in tokyo_ Tisujuki market, sony building, cherry blossoms ( i know they are in a specific place but it's lost in my notes at the minute), explore akasuka ( will be staying there), ( not sure on a temple/ shrine or museum, and harajuku district on a sunday ( still need to ad a few more things)

1 night in ibusuki ( ryokan) - healthy land and sand onsen

Half day in Kagoshima- sarakujima bus tour ( 1 hour) travel to hiroshima arrive late at night

1 night in hiroshima

Half day in hiroshima( Miyajama/ Peace Park- travel to osaka arrive late a night

1 night in osaka ( capsule hotel) ( explore kyoto if I get there early enough )

1 night in kyoto- half day arashiyama/ sagano train ( few shrines and a few museums- have them noted down)- travel to tokyo

3 nights in tokyo to rest and take leisurely strolls hahah :)

The original plan was to spend a full day in each but it hasn't worked out that way as I can't squeeze all I want to do in a day and I cant stay two night in one place apart from kyoto :) I know it sounds hectic but due to the long travel times, tokyo to ibusuki etc and checking out train departures and arrivals this is he only realisitic way I can do it and I get to see exactly what I want :) Unless there is another way but I doubt it, had to book accommodation when I decided what I want and even then the hostels and hotels had risen in price, so was stressing that I wouldn't be able to book all my accommodation as I hadn't figured out what I could realistically do. Plannin g in such a short space of time is stressfull!


Hi again!

Ibusuki / Kagoshima is very nice! It's a long trip though, so I'd recommend making a couple of stops on the way. Hiroshima is one a great place to make a stop at. I'd also advise a stop at Kyoto/Osaka but this may be better to do on your way down to spread around travel time but I guess this could not be changed because of your booking. I guess this way you do get a lot of travel behind you in the beginning.

Planning last minute is indeed stressful. Just finished my own 12 day itinerary for the end of March including Wakayama - Tokushima - Miyajima - Hiroshima - Hagi - Matsumoto - Tokyo - Kanazawa - Kyoto. I'll probably spend too much traveling as well :)

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Hello there,

Sorry for the late replay. I just spend 20 minutes re-reading the whole thing :)

hahah I must have wrote the itinerary before you asked ;)

Yeah in the end It would have been 6000 yen without food and lots of travelling and walking I think I need two whole days to stay there and a bit less stress as my schedule is allready packed as it is!

I can't wait to go to Kagoshima and i'm glad its your favourite, I wish I had more time there but because I had allready prebooked and had cut out nagano, it seemed best to do it first, I would have had more days to explore it I went there last :(

The view of Sakura Jima is amazing and the atmosphere is so laid back.

I can't wait to view Sakura Jima such an amazing natural thing, its what drew me there in the first place, I was going to stay overnight in kagoshima but getting to ibusuki at 3.30 and waiting for the bus to healthy land and realxing would stretch for a good few hours, and even if I left there early and left to go to kagoshima I wouldn't be able to see anything much when I got there which is a shame! That took hours to decide where I should stay, at least staying in ibusuki I don' have to rush!

Kagoshima-Chuo is the Shinkansen station for Kagoshima and this is covered by the JR Pass. The Shinkansen is actually one long route but you do need to change trains to travel back to Tokyo.

Yeah I will be getting off there on the way back and walk to the port, not sure if I will make good use of the city tour buses but will do the hour tour with all the viewing ports and have a wander around afterwards!

I don't think I have any more questions you will be happy to know :) but if you can spot any problems or you can add recommendations that will be great! :) thanks so much Dan

Marie :)


Hey Marie!

Well there's no problem if you are okay with the route/travel time involved. So it's all good then!

If you do make it to Kagoshima and have time, try to swing by Senganen Garden, it's a very beautiful place and I enjoyed it very much. Unlike other Japanese gardens, this one is huge and you can walk around for an hours or more without seeing everything.


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Hey Daniel

That does look very beautiful and its on the city tour bus, but i'm not sure if I will have time to get on this but I will try :)

A peaceful garden is just what I need :)

Thanks so much Daniel x


Sorry just seen this!

Ahh its a shame I will miss you on my trip as I leave on the 30th March

ahh i am staying overnight in ibusuki, osaka, hiroshima and kyoto is that what you mean by making stops? I would have spent a night in kagoshima but as you mentioned i've allready booked for hiroshima, and when I went to book for my last nights there were only crap hostels, odd dates or really expensive hotels so I can't risk cancelling anything :( now have booked two nights in one hostel and one in another in tokyo :(

Wow yours is a packed itinerary I thought mine was bad..:) but it's worth it! if I had more time to plan and more money without everywhere getting booked up I would have not headed back to tokyo, but didn't want to be homeless :)

I hope you have an amazing trip and someone helps you out when you need it, but I don't think you do :)


What I meant to say was, going all the way from Kagoshima - Tokyo is a very long trip to make in one go. So it can be nice to make a couple of stops on the way, even for a couple of hours. Easy visits are Himeji and Nagoya, where you can just get out of the Shinkansen and walk around for 2-3 hours, before traveling on to Tokyo.

For me, this is pretty much a catch-up itinerary. Visiting the places I could not last time and including them now.

Make the most of your trip as well!

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Ahh thanks Daniel!

I will be coming from kagoshima to Hiroshima

Then Hiroshima to Osaka

But if for some reason I do travel frk kagoshima to Tokyo I will keep your suggestions in mind as they sound great and easy!

I wonder how many catch up itinerarys I can plan haha!

I do have one more question as I don't have to pre book is it wise to pre book any of my journeys? I would like to pre book them all but if I do miss a certain train can I just get on the next one?

I just want to to make sure I can get on the first train in and one at a decent tome back on all my journeys. I will be staying in akasaka and I think I will be travelling from Tokyo and exchanging my pass at narita

Thanks ;)


Hi again!

Yes you can reserve seats and re-book them later on, or take a non-reserved seat on the next train.

So no problem at all :)

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Great thanks Daniel ;)


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