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7 day jr pass

7 Day JR Pass

Greetings. My wife and I will be traveling to Japan for the first time in April and would like any advice that you may have on which travel pass to purchase. Our Itinerary:

April 10 - Narita Airport to Tokyo Station to Kyoto
April 12 - Kyoto to Hakone
April 13 - Hakone to Tokyo
April 16 - Tokyo station to Narita Airport

We are planning on purchasing the 7 days JR Pass. Will this cover most of our travel needs?

From Kyoto to Hakone, we are planning on taking the train from Kyoto to Mishima station, and then taking the bus from Mishima to Hakone (is this the quickest way?)
We also plan on purchasing the Hakone Free Pass for the trip around Fuji-San area.

Around Tokyo and Kyoto, will we need to purchase anything else to travel by bus or train?

thank you,


Hello John,

The 7 day JR Pass will work well here and cover travel between all of the mentioned places.

In some area's you will still need local travel though. Especially within Hakone. The best way to travel there is to use the JR Pass and Shinkansen to Odawara station. This is the gateway station for Hakone and local travel runs from there into the area. You can also buy a discounted version for the Hakone Free Pass from there (compared to a ticket from Tokyo).

The JR Pass covers the entire JR Network in Tokyo. This is enough to see most of the city, some areas do require metro or other transport to access. Here other tickets may be required. Local travel however does not cost much.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you so much for your quick response. For the other area metro or transport, would it be good to get the PASMO prepaid card? If so, what is a good amount to pre-load for 2 people traveling in and around Kyoto and Tokyo?


Hi there,

A suica or Pasmo card generally comes pre charged with 1,500yen. This should cover most of your travel (given that you both buy one). After it can be charged with increments of 1,000yen and most ticket machines. It is a handy system.

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Awesome! Thank you!


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