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7 day japan rail pass-please advise if i am on the right track? is it worth the cost?

7 day Japan Rail Pass-Please advise if I am on the right track? Is it worth the cost?

Tokyo- Nagano-Matsumoto-Kanazawa -Kyoto- Osaka-

Hi there!
We are planning for a family vacation for Japan in November for 3 adults (including a senior citizen) and 3 kids. We are have a tentative plan of the places which we like to visit as follows:-
1st Nov – Arrive at Narita Airport and stay in Tokyo (to get suicha pass for Tokyo)
2nd Nov- Tokyo
3rd Nov- Tokyo
4th Nov-Tokyo- (Disney world)
5th Nov-Tokyo (Day Trip Hakone, ) (activate JR Pass)
6th Nov- Nagano (snow monkeys and onsen)- 1 nite
7th Nov-Matsumoto -1 nite
8th Nov- Kanazawa- 3 nites
11th Nov- Kyoto- 5 nites
16th Nov- Osaka- 2 nites- depart back home frm Osaka

We seek your advice if my plan of taking the 7 days JR makes sense from 5th Nov to 11th Nov.. I don’t have the actual costing for 6 pax for 7 days but I do know that it is costly!). If there is a better way of re routing my travel plans to better utilise the JR pass, please feel free to assist with your suggestions.

I look forward to your kind advise.

Thank you for your guidance in advance!



Hi Anita,

The best way to find out if tickets are cheaper than the JR Pass is simply to look at the route and how much it would cost without a JR Pass.

Tokyo - Odawara (for Hakone, return using the Shinkansen) ¥ 7,480
Tokyo - Nagano ¥ 8,200
Nagano - Matsumoto ¥ 2,840
Matsumoto - Kanazawa ¥ 10,890
Kanazawa - Kyoto ¥ 6,900

For a total of ¥ 36,310 or ¥ 7,200 in savings as the 7 day JR Pass is ¥ 29,110.

Hope this helps,

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