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6-day trip: worth the jr pass?

6-day trip: worth the JR Pass?


I'll be in Japan for six days at the end of the month. Here's my itinerary:

Monday, Aug 26th: Tokyo
Tuesday, Aug 27th: Tokyo
Wednesday, Aug 28th: Kyoto
Thursday, Aug 29th: Osaka
Friday, Aug 30th: Osaka and Nara
Saturday, Aug 31st: Back to Tokyo for my 7:30 PM flight.

Is it worth it to purchase the 7-day JR Pass? I'll only be using it for six days...also, does the JR Pass cover metro lines as well as shinkansen?

Lastly, will I be able to get back to Tokyo-Narita in time for my 7:30 flight if I leave Osaka in the morning and take a shinkansen?

Thanks so much!


Hi there!

Yes I do think that a 7 day JR Pass would be a great addition for your trip and worth considering.
The JR Pass is about the same price as a return Tokyo - Osaka on the Shinkansen and you basically any travel you may do after becomes free!

The JR Pass is valid on both the Shinkansen and local JR Lines, including the JR Network in both Osaka and Tokyo. However metro lines, such as the Tokyo Metro are not included.

Yes you will have more than enough time to travel from Osaka - Narita Airport if your flight leaves at 7.30 P.M.
Travel time will be around 274 Minutes so you will have to leave Osaka in the morning, be sure to plan this head!

Have a great time in Japan!

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