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5 days in japan

5 days in Japan

I am trying to help my Aunt (with family) in planning her trip to Japan.

They will be arriving in Narita on January 1, 2015 (10AM).

They will be staying in Shibuya.

They want to be able to visit Disneyland and go to Universal Studios in Osaka and visit Kyoto as well.

January 1, 2015 - Narita - Tokyo - Shibuya

January 2, 2015 Shibuya - Osaka

January 3, Kyoto - Shibuya/Tokyo

January 4 - Around Tokyo

January 5 - Narita

Is the itinerary ok? Will they be able to maximize their pass?


Hi there,

This looks like a great base itinerary and the JR Pass will help you make considerable savings on the way. The JR Pass also covers travel to Disneyland and Universal studios - so you are all set!

I would advise making seat reservations the moment that you activate the JR Pass for travel to Osaka, as travel around New Year is rather busy and this will secure seating together.

It all looks good for the rest!

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Thank you!

If they decided on going back to Shibuya after visiting Osaka, they only need to reserve seats for their Kyoto trip the next day as well, right?


Hello again!

Yes reserving seats for the way back is also recommend :)

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