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30+ days in japan (we arrive 21st april!)

30+ days in Japan (we arrive 21st April!)

Just checking what JR passes will be best for us and how you think this rough itinerary is looking. I understand i can get an area pass for Tokyo for the first week, and then could use the 21d JR pass for most of the rest of the trip- when should i activate it, or should we move around our Tokyo day trip schedule (which is totally flexible) to make best use of a 21d JR pass?
Rough itinerary:

day 1: Arr tokyo Narita
2: tokyo
3: tokyo : Hakone day trip
4: tokyo : nikko day trip
5: tokyo
6: Tokyo: Mt Fuji day trip
7: Tokyo
8: travel Tokyo to Yatsugatake/Mt Tengu/Inagoyu stay Mt Tengu
9: Yatsugatake/Mt Tengu/Inagoyu return to TOKYO OR stay the night here?
10 :Inagoyu to Matsumoto OR Tokyo to Matsumoto (not worked out how to do this yet)
11: Tokyo to Kyoto
12: Kyoto shirakarago, takayama
13:Kyoto : day trip Nagoya
14: Kyoto: kinara to kibune walk
15:Kyoto : day trip Kinosaki Onsen
16: Kyoto:
17: Kyoto :Nara
18: Kyoto: Arashiyama
19: Kyoto to Osaka
20: Osaka
21: Osaka:Himeji Castle
22: Osaka: Miyajima and Hiroshima (we were planning to go to Nagasaki but the earthquake has caused us to change our plans!)

After this, we may go to the okinawa islands (fly from Osaka) and stay there for approx 7 days, then fly to hokkaido, stay for approx 7 days and then fly home from Sapporo. Is there a JR pass for Hokkaido that we can get while we are there?
Although part of my original itinerary, we have decided not to go to Kyushu due to the recent earthquakes.
We have the option of staying longer in Japan but my only concern is that we will run out of money! (We are backpacking).
Is this itinerary workable/too much/any places to suggest that i have missed off?
I would be grateful for any input and appreciate that this is a very last minute request!
Many thanks for any input.


Hi Alix,

I can't say for sure without knowing your full itinerary but you are certainly on your way to make great use of a 21 day JR Pass. My first advise would be to make a rough idea of what you'll do after the 23rd (Hokkaido or Okinawa is quite a difference), from there it should be much easier to decide on a JR Pass. The JR Pass is valid in Hokkaido, as well on the Hokkaido Shinkansen between Tokyo - Shin-Hakodate.

It may also be nice to add Kanazawa to your itinerary, there is a lot to be seen and do there. Including Kenroku-en garden, Kanazawa castle and the city itself is worth walking around it too.

Its a shame not to visit Kyushu but understandable with the current earthquake situation. You could also consider 2-3 days to visit Shikoku. There's tons of good stuff there too.

Hope this helps,

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