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3 weeks travel by train

3 weeks travel by train


We will be travelling in Japan for 3 weeks, from 09 April until 30 April 2013. I am exploring the possibilities to travel using the 21 days rail pass.

We plan to visit (in this order):

Magome / Tsumago

We have scheduled one full day to travel to the next destination, which seems to be doable.
I am not sure however about the distance from Aso to Nikko by train in one day, will that be possible? (We don't mind to travel from early in the morning until late in the evening). What would be the best route from Aso to Nikko?

Thanks for the advice,

The Netherlands


Hi there!

Hi Danielle, looks like a great trip! Note that for Magme/Tsumago you should aim for Ochiaigawa. Aso > Nikko is a pretty big trip. Here's a map for you to see the distance. It is possible in 1 day, but will take you the best part of 11 hours... How about splitting the trip along the way and take your Kyoto stop while you are travelling back up to Nikko? (Kurashiki or Osaka?) or travel to Nikko on a day trip while you are in Tokyo?

For reference here is a map of your trip for you :).

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for the quick reply!

Is Ochiaigawa near Nagiso? That is the station I thought we would need to get out for Tsumago.
The idea to take the Kyoto stop on the way to Nikko is great, I think we will do that.

I live in the Netherlands, how long would it take to receive the rail pass voucher after I ordered?

Thanks a million, this is a brillant service!!



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