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3 weeks japan

3 weeks Japan


In September we are going to Japan for 3 weeks. We are so excited!
After some research, we have come up with the following itinerary. We would really appreciate your opinion.
In Tokyo and Kyoto, we might take a day trip.

  1. Do you think this is do-able? Or are we too ambitious?
  2. Can we use the JP railpass for all the trips?
  3. We think the best option is to buy the JP Railpass for 3 weeks, what do you think?

1 Sunday TOKYO (arrival around 11am)
2 Monday leaving towards KAMIKOCHI
4 Wednesday KAMIKOCHI
5 Thursday leaving towards HIROSHIMA
7 Saterday MIYAJIMA + leaving towards KAGOSHIMA
8 Sunday leaving towards YAKUSHIMA
10 Tuesday YAKUSHIMA
11 Wednesday YAKUSHIMA
12 Thursday leaving towards KYOTO
13 Friday KYOTO
14 Saterday KYOTO
15 Sunday KYOTO
16 Monday leaving towards FUJI 5 LAKES
17 Tuesday FUJI 5 LAKES
18 Wednesday leaving towards TOKYO
19 Thursday TOKYO
20 Friday TOKYO
21 Saterday TOKYO (departure)

Thanks so much!



Hi Lok!

Great plan! I think it looks very good. You'll have a good amount of travel to do in the beginning, especially Tokyo - Kamikochi and Kamikochi - Hiroshima take up several hours, however it is doable. Yakushima is also a great visit btw!

The JR Pass will cover nearly everything in your itinerary. The only part where you may need additional rail tickets is around Fuji 5 lakes, this is all short distance so it should not add up to much. The ferry to Miyajima is also included in the JR Pass but the ferry to Yakushima is not.

I would also recommend the 21 day JR Pass, since you are actively travelling for 3 weeks. Just making a return Tokyo - Kagoshima will pay for more than the JR Pass, so you are making really good savings with all the stops in between.

Hope this helps and enjoy Japan!

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Hi Daniel-san

Definitely a helpful (and super quick) answer, thank you so much!
Now we can really start planning and booking :)



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