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3 weeks in japan

3 weeks in Japan

Dear Sir,

My I please you to check my route and itinerary .

22April in the morning I will see Narita ,
until 26.04 exploring Tokio & surroundings
26/27 Hakone
28.April Hakone to Hiroshima -Miyajima( night)
29.04 Miyajima to Osaka
30.04 Osaka
01.05 Osaka
02.05 Osaka/ Mt Koya
03.05 Mt Koya
04.05 Kyoto untill 09.05( five nights)
09.05 Kyoto Kanazawa
10.05 Kanazawa
11.05 kanazawa /Narita
12.05 flight to Europe

I think 21days IR pass is the best solution for this route.
IR pass will be activated in Narita.
I need additional metro tickets in Tokio, Osaka, Kyoto.
29.04 Golden Week what about booking seats in shinkansen from Hakone( Odawara) to Hiroszima?

I have alredy booked hotel in Kyoto, so I am not able to change this reservation.

Firstly, I thought that cherry blossom I can see in Tokio., In the and of April is not possible.
So, next think maybe I go to Sendai because there is the best viewing of Cherry blooming untill 25thof April?
In this cause I have to change my route

22.April Narita Sendai
22-23-24 Sendai-Cherry spots and Matsushima
25.April Sendai Nikko 26.April Nikko Tokio


what to do?
Osaka less one night and cut Mt Koya or forget about magnificent Sakura?

Please help me
I am flexible .



Hi Jolly,

I think that you could either consider the 14 day or 21 day JR Pass. This because the JR Pass is best used for travel done using the Shinkansen and other long distances. You could also get around Tokyo using local tickets and start using the JR Pass on the 28th when you travel to Hiroshima and use it all the way until your return to Narita on the 11th. Then again a 21 day JR Pass would be of great use, if you wish to view the Sakura north of Tokyo in Sendai and perhaps even more north up to Aomori. The JR Pass is also valid for travel around Tokyo and Osaka on the local JR Network there and you won't have to make much use of other transport methods such as the Metro.

As for what to do, either Osaka/Koya or go Sakura viewing. Personally I find this hard to decide on. The Cherry Blossoms are very dependent on the weather and that makes it hard to predict. You may end up seeing nothing if the weather is bad, then again it can also give you the best picture of the year. Personally I'd go for Sendai/Matsushima/Nikko over Osaka/Koya as they are all good places to see, year round. You could also go to Sendai/Matsushima/Nikko and leave out a day at Kanazawa later on and visit Koya then. In the end I think you'll have a good time no matter where you go, as they are all amazing :)

Trains during Golden Week can be rather busy, I'd recommend making seat reservations 2 days in advance, just to be sure.

I hope this gives you some ideas,

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Dear Daniel

I am very grateful for the professional and clear answer.
21 days IR pass gives me an opportunity to undertake a final decision in view sakura in Sendai / Aomori.
I will take under consideration stay less one night in Kanazawa and see Mt Koya.

On the other hands what do you think about another review

09.05 Kyoto Nagano
09.05/11.05 Yamonouschi & Shibu Onsen
11.05 Nagano to Narita
12.05 Gai-jin going home



Hi Jolly!

Yes the 21 day JR Pass would be the better option if you want the extra flexibility. The price difference from the 14 day JR Pass is also small and easily earned back in terms of savings.

Personally I'd prefer going to Kanazawa (and maybe add in a visit to Takayama) rather than going to Nagano. This because there's just more to see and do around Kanazawa in terms of sightseeing and variety. Although Shibu Onsen is a good option if you wish to experience a Japanese onsen.

As for Gai-jin going home, here's a little song to teach you some Japanese :)

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Dear Daniel

Your opinion is very valuable to me.
Agrigato gozaimasu.

The song is marvelous squeezed me laughter and tears.

Take care


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