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3 week trip

3 week trip


My husband and I are planning our first trip to Japan! We want to see cities and the beautiful natural attractions.
Can you please confirm if we should use the JR 21 day pass for our trip? We are in Japan from the 16/10/15 to the 07/11/15. We are considering the following itinerary:

Tokyo (2 nights)
Fuji (day trip)
Kyoto (3 nights)
Kurama - flame festival (1 night)
Nara (1 night)
Osaka (2 nights)
Koyasan (2 nights)
Iya Valley (1 night)
Hiroshima (1 night)
Nagasaki (2 nights)
Himeji (1 night)
Takayama (1 night)
Kiso Valley - Mugome & Tsumago (1 night)
Nagano - Takaragawa Onsen (1 night)
Tokyo (2 nights)

Thank you very much.


Hello there,

I can confirm that 21 day JR Pass will work wonders for this trip. You'll be traveling from Tokyo all the way down south to Nagasaki with many great stops in between and this way a lot of savings over normal tickets can be had.

If possible, also consider visiting Miyajima near Hiroshima.

It is a very nice itinerary and I am sure that you'll have a great time in Japan!

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I've just got back from a three week trip with my son, centred on Tokyo and Kyoto.
The part of your trip from Koyasan onwards is something I would be looking to cover during a future trip and would very much appreciate any feedback you have after your trip regarding sights, accommodation and travel.


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