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3-4 days spare what to do?

3-4 Days spare what to do?

I am travelling to Japan for 2 weeks in july and getting the 1 week JR pass.

The plan so far is as follows:

5th July - Fly into OSAKA, stay 1 night
6th - 8th - Kyoto
9th - Hiroshima ( Ryokan stay on Miyajima) Activate JR Pass on this day from kyoto
10th - ?
11th - ?
12th - ?
13th- ? (possibly climbing Mt Fuji)
14 - 19th Tokyo (fly home)

Has anyone got any advice on what to do from the 10th to the 13th, thanks?


Hi there,

Basically the possibilities are endless! You could visit Kyoto, Osaka, Fukuoka, Kanazawa, Takayama, Okayama, Shikoku, Matsue or perhaps explore Kyushu. The question however is, what are you interested in? Japan has tons to offer, both in modern options as well as cultural / historical settings.

Let me know what kind of things you would like to see and do, this way I can give you better recommendations!

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Thanks for the reply Daniel,

we are thinking of making our way back up towards Tokyo, we don't want to be wasting much time traveling on the trains.
We are thinking of seeing more of the traditional Japan, and trying a few hiking trails along the way, or is there any other activities that you could suggest?


Hi again!

In that case I have a couple of interesting places for you to consider.

The first is Matsumoto without adding much travel time you could swing by Matsumoto. It's a very beautiful area but the town also offers much. This place is especially good for hiking.

An other option would be to visit Nara it's not far from Kyoto but it would also make for a good stop on the way back from Hiroshima - Tokyo as it is almost directly on the route.

Lastly, a little north of Tokyo but well worth visiting lies Nikko it has a very beautiful temple complex but there's also a lot of unspoiled nature in the area and is great for walks. There are also a couple of local onsen worth visiting.

Hope this gives you some ideas,

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