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22 days in japan

22 days in Japan

Hi there,

I am traveling to Japan in Feb 2016 for 22 days and am thinking of the following itinerary:

Feb 14 arrive NRT Tokyo
Feb 15 tour around Tokyo
Feb 16 Day trip Yokohama, stay in Tokyo
Feb 17 Day trip to Nikko, stay in Tokyo
Feb 18 Day trip to Kamakura, Stay in Hakone
Feb 19 from Hakone to Ise-Shima, Stay in Nagoya
Feb 20 Takayama
Feb 21 Shirakawa-go, stay in Kanazawa
Feb 22 Kanazawa
Feb 23- 27 Kyoto
Feb 28 Mount Koya
Feb 29 Osaka
Mar 1 Miyajima
Mar 2-3 Nagasaki
Mar 4 Himeji and stay at Arima Onsen
Mar 5 Day tour Kobe, then back to Tokyo
Mar 6 leave Tokyo


1) I am debating of whether to get a 21 or 14 day pass. what do you recommend? i don't mind changing my itinerary to accommodate to 14 day pass. and from which day should I activate the pass either 14 or 21 days.
2) for the day to Hakone, do I still need to buy the Hakone 2 day pass if I have the JR pass active?

I am sure I will have more question later, thanks in advance! :)



Hi Viesta,

1.) Looking at your itinerary, it makes sense to use a JR Pass for Mar 5, as the trip back to Tokyo is pretty costly without a JR Pass. So using this as last day, the first day of a 14 day JR Pass would then be Feb 21. This is already well in your itinerary. What you could do, is try to re-plan and see if you can include more within a 14 day JR Pass or go for a 21 day JR Pass. Looking at both options, I think going with a 21 day JR Pass makes the most sense and requires the least extra work, also you would have 21 days of unlimited travel, adding a lot of flexibility.

2.) The JR Pass is not valid in Hakone, depending on the amount of travel that you will do, a Hakone Free Pass can be useful but you may be better off buying normal tickets if you don't plan on traveling a lot within Hakone.

Hope this helps,

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