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21 days in japan

21 days in Japan


I have a general plan (subject to changes) of my 21 days trip to Japan.

Do you have any recomendation: what should I add, switch, omit?

I have got Japan Rail Pass for 21 days, does it cover all belowe mentioned destinations?

27.04 Narita - Tokyo
28.04 Tokyo
29.04 Nikko
30.04 Kamakura
1.05 Miyakej-Jima Island
2.05 Nara
3.05. Kyoto
4.05 Kyoto/ Osaka
5.05 Hiroshima
6.06 Mikajima
7.05. Yakushima
8.05. Okinawa
9.05 Okinawa
10.05 Nagasaki or Beppu (which is better?)
11.05 Tokyo (then Nagano)
12.05 Hakuba or Tsumagu Magome Hike (which is better?)
13.05 Hike in Japan Alps (any recommendation?)
14.05 Tokyo/Mito/Tokyo
15.05 Mt Fuji
16.05 Mt Fuji
17.05 Tokyo
18.05 Departure from Tokyo

Thak you in advance.
With kind regards,


Hi Bartek!

Here are some thoughts:

  1. The JR Pass will not be able to cover the trip to Okinawa, Yakushima and Miyake-jima. For Okinawa you will need to get a flight and for Yakushima you should get the ferry or hydrofoil from Kagoshima (more here). For Miyakejima you will need to take a ferry from Tokyo.

  2. Given that you'll be in Kyushu, I recommend you take a look at hiking around Mt Aso, and a stay at Kurokawa Onsen rather than Beppu (Mt Aso info is here, and Kurokawa onsen is also featured in the previous link).

  3. You have some pretty long trips in your list (especially when you go to Yakushima, Okinawa and then back to Nagasaki/Tokyo). Perhaps you could consider giving yourself more time here (or skipping them entirely).

  4. For the Japan Alps and hiking, you should certainly aim to go to Kamikochi, you will surely need a few days here to get the most out of the area.

  5. You may like looking at this previous travellers 21 day trip - you can see they cover many similar areas to yourself, and I think their final itinerary is almost perfect for 21 days.

Hope this helps!

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