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21 day pass?

21 day pass?

I will be in Japan for 24 days from beginning of December, 2015. My rough travel itinerary is below.

  • Do you advice to buy 21 day pass?(I can be bit flexible with travel plan) Can I buy this anytime before I visit Japan?
  • Can I buy Pasmo/Suica pass for other travelling? Can I buy that from USA before I go or buy at at the airport or someplace?

1 Arrive at Haneda > Shinjuku (shimoochiai station)
2 Shinjuku (shimoochiai station) > aroud tokyo
3 Shinjuku (shimoochiai station) > Hatagaya > around Tokyo
4 Hatagaya -> Kawaguchiko > Hatagaya
5 Hatagaya -> around tokyo
6 Hatagaya > Yokohama
7 Hatagaya > around tokyo
8 Hatagaya > KItakami, Iwata
9 Kitakami
10 Kitakami
11 Kitakami > Hatagaya
12 Hatagaya > around Tokyo
13 Hatagaya > around Tokyo
14 Hatagaya > Osaka
15 Osaka
16 Osaka > Kyoto
17 Kyto
18 Kyoto >Hatagaya
19 Hatagaya
20 Hatagaya > Nikko > Hatagaya
21 Hatagaya > hakone > Hatagaya
22 Hatagaya > around tokyo
23 Hatagaya > around tokyo
24 Hatagaya > around tokyo
25 Hatagaya > Departure from Haneda


Hi there,

I was reading your itinerary and got quite intrigued, I don't see many travelers make the way up to Kitakami. As for the JR Pass, I think using a 14 day JR Pass would work best. The first couple of days around Tokyo and Yokohama won't cost that much when it comes to transport. So the best day to start using the RJ Pass would be on day 8 to Kitakami. You can then also user the JR Pass for all other long distance travel, such as Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo again and Nikko. This way you will make great savings compared to purchasing normal tickets and get the best out of the JR Pass.

A JR Pass has to be used within 90 days after purchase, so you can buy it any time if you plan to use it in December. I would advise doing so a week in advance, so you are sure that it arrives in time.

A Pasmo, Suica or IC card can be purchased at any station in Japan, it is not needed to buy one in advance.

Hope this helps,

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