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20 day itinerary tweek

20 day itinerary tweek

We have purchased our 21 day pass & have finally agreed on a rough itinerary. I would appreciate any changes you would make. I still have 1 day to play with & can change things around as recommended.
arrive Narita 9:30 am Sun 13th March:-
Tokyo (4)
Nagoya (1) bearing in mind this is St Patricks day & we're irish!
Takayma (1)
Kanazawa (1)
Kyoto (3)
Koya-san (1)
Osaka (1) or Kobe
Hiroshima (1)
Miyajima (1)
Nagasaki (2) or Fukoka
Takamatsu (day trip to Naoshima) (1)
Hakone (stop of in Himeji on way) (1)
Narita (1)

many thanks


Hello Jeanie,

This looks like a great trip to make and you'll be covers a lot of areas in Japan. It's already so good that I don't feel anything should be changed. Whether it is Koya, Naoshima or Nagasaki, these all add something special to the trip. Talking about Nagasaki, I do think this would be a better visit for sightseeing than Fukuoka. There's more history and places of importance.

With one more day to spend, I think I would use it as day trip to Shirakawa-go between Takayama and Kanazawa. You can use the bus from Takayama to Shirakawa-go, explore the area a couple of ours and then use an other bus to travel on the Kanazawa. The only downside is that these buses are not included in the JR Pass.

Hope this helps,

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