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2 weeks itinerary: tokyo-kyoto-koyasan-osaka-tokyo with day trips

2 weeks itinerary: Tokyo-Kyoto-Koyasan-Osaka-Tokyo with day trips


In September me and my brother are going to Japan.
This is our travel schedule:

08/09: arrival at Narita Airport, Tokyo
09/09: Tokyo
10/09: Tokyo
11/09: day trip from Tokyo to Nikko
12/09: probably day trip from Tokyo to Kamakura
13/09: in the morning we leave Tokyo for Kyoto
14/09: Kyoto
15/09: day trip from Kyoto to Nara
16/09: Kyoto
17/09: we leave Kyoto for Koyasan
18/09: we leave Koyasan for Osaka
19/09: Osaka
20/09: we leave Osaka for Tokyo
21/09: Narita airport

Would you recommend to buy a 7 or 14 JR pass? (As I see it, if we would buy a 7-day pass, we would only activite it on 13 September, when we leave for Kyoto)
I understood the JR pass is not valid for the trip from Osaka to Koyasan and back?

Thanks a lot in advance for your help and for any further advice on our itinerary schedule,


Daan vh
Daan vh

Hi Daan,

The 7 day JR Pass would help you make the best savings possible, especially if you use it between Tokyo - Kyoto - Osaka - Tokyo. Do keep in mind though that this period currently is 8 days long (13th-20th) as the 13th is counted as a full day. So you would have to return to Tokyo a day sooner.

If that's not possible you could also a 14 day JR Pass, which you could also use for travel to Nikko, Kamakura and Narita Airport.

It is correct that the last part between Osaka - Koya san is not included. Details can be found here.

Hope this helps!

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