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2 weeks in osaka, tokyo, kyoto with 7 day pass?

2 weeks in Osaka, Tokyo, Kyoto with 7 day pass?


I will be visiting Japan with my parents in june for 2 weeks.

My initial plan was 3 days in Osaka (1 day to Himeji and Kobe), 7 days in Tokyo ( including Fuji five lakes and Hakone), and 5 days in Kyoto (one day to Nara maybe). Is it worth to buy a 7 day JR pass for Osaka-Tokyo-Kyoto? As I know JR pass will not cover the whole trip up to Fuji and Hakone, and I may still need to get another pass for Fuji and Hakone.

My other question is, I am thinking of another plan which is 7 days base in Kyoto ( as we are flying in and out to/ from Kansai airport) and another 7 days base in Tokyo (same itinerary as above) so that my parents don't have to move around too many times, and trip to the airport can be covered as well if I use JR PASS for the 2nd week (Kyoto-Tokyo-Kansai airport) However I have concern whether we will have trouble to catch the Shinkansen from Tokyo to osaka straight to Kansai airport. Is there frequent Shinkansen train (excluding nosing, mixup) that we can take in between Tokyo-Osaka/ Kyoto?

Thank you!


Hi there,

There is a Hikari Shinkansen service between Tokyo - Kyoto/Shin-Osaka at least every 30 minutes and, the Haruka Express to Kansai which also stops at Shin-Osaka/Kyoto also departs every 30 minutes, so making the route from Tokyo - Kansai airport should be no problem if you allow for enough travel time (at least 5 hours).

Hope this helps,

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