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2 weeks in japan (june)

2 weeks in Japan (June)


My boyfriend and I will be visiting Japan between 14 June until 29 June 2014. We are extremely excited to visiting your wondrous land. We are big fans of Japanese cuisine, hiking, culture-modern and ancient as well as love outdoor activities. We are also extremely excited to visit the Japanese Alps and Okinawa. We have planned our stay in Japan as per below:

14 June - land in Narita, stay in Tokyo
15 June - Tokyo
16 June - Tokyo
17 June - Nara <(irst day of rail pass; leaving from Tokyo to Nara early in the morning 17 June)
18 June - Kyoto
19 June - Kyoto
20 June - Kyoto
21 June - Alps/Tsumago, Magome
22 June - Alps/Kamikochi
23 June - Alps/? - (any suggestions. Any similar places to Kamikochi that you would advise to visit?) (last day or rail pass, leaving from Alp late in the evening)
24 June - Tokyo
25 June - Okinawa
26 June - Okinawa
27 June - Okinawa
28 June - Okinawa
29 June - Tokyo

We have planned to purchase 7-day rail pass and use it between 17-24 June, and fly to Okinawa with Jetstar, would you agree with proposed? Any other places you would advise you to see? Any special ryokans you could recommend especially in the Alps, Kyoto and Okinawa?

Many thanks in advance and have a great day.



Hi there,

I was wondering from what Airport are you flying to Okinawa? However I do think that a JR Pass would be very helpful, A normal return Tokyo - Kyoto would almost pay for the 7 day JR Pass and you'll be sure to make the most of your pass by visiting Nara and the Japanese Alps as well.

When thinking about Kamikochi both Norikura and Matsumoto city come to mind as additional places worth visiting.

For Ryokans, I don't have any specific recommendations but I would recommend looking at websites that specialise in Japan travel instead of general booking sites. Websites that specialise in Japan generally offer better rates, more options and you can read the reviews of other travellers. Some good examples are Japanican . com and Rakuten travel.

Hope this helps!

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Hello Daniel,

Many thanks for your reply and provided tips.

We planned to fly from Tokyo to Naha (cheap flights with Jet Star) but would prefer to actually stay on Ishigaki/ Taketomi. Do you know if there are any low cost airlines going to Ishigaki/ Taketomi directly from Tokyo/Osaka/Kyoto? We are not big fans of resort tourism, so we are afraid that we won't enjoy Okinawa that much.

Do you perhaps know if the JR pass runs on a 24hr interval, i.e. if we activate it at 11am on 17 June will we be able to use it until 11am on 24 June? Does that mean that we need to embark on the train before 11am or actually leave the train/finish the journey before 11am on 24 of June?

Another question, if I may, what is the cheapest way to get from Kamikochi to Tokyo (should we want to do that after expiry of our JR pass)?

Again, many thanks Daniel!!!



Hi Suzi,

When I made the trip down to Okinawa I used the ferry and don't have too much experience with budget airlines. However there are a lot of local ferries from Okinawa (Naha port) going all over the place. So you could just got from there. An other option I use for checking ticket prices are websites such as Skyscanner these look up all available airlines and fares.

Trains in Japan run between 6 a.m. and midnight and the same is true for the JR Pass. The pass is counted in days and the first day is counted as a full day no matter what time you start using it. So please note that your JR Pass would expire at the end of the 23rd if you activate your pass on the 17th.

The cheapest way from Kamikochi would be to take a direct bus to Kyoto. I believe the fare is around 4,000yen however I was not able to confirm this online.

Hope this helps!

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Many thanks Daniel-san for all your help!


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