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2 week trip with 7days jr pass

2 week trip with 7days JR pass


Please review my itinerary below and let me know if i tried to squeeze in too much esp for the days using the JR Pass. Also, any recommendations of other passes(rail) or site-seeing pass(for entrance to famous sights) would be useful.

14th Dec - Land in Tokyo(Narita).Try to catch the last but of autumn colors at Shinjuku Gyoen.
15th Dec - In Tokyo.
16th Dec - Activate the JR Pass.Tokyo to Kyoto.Leave at 7am.
Plans to cover:
Nishki Market
Fushimi Inari-tasha
Goin district
Arashiyama lights

17th Dec - Kyoto
Nanzen ji
Ryoan Ji
Kyoto Imperial Palace
Heian Jingu Shrine
Toji Temple
Philisopher's walk

18th Dec - Day trip to Nara
Horyu Ji
依水園 Kasuga Taisa
Todai Ji
Kofku Ji
Shin Yakushi Ji
Nara Park
Go back to Kyoto

19th Dec - Trip to Kinosaki Onsen

20th Dec - Kyoto to Hiroshima and Mijiyama.Day trip.
Peace Memorial Park - 50 yen. One of the two museums closed for renovation
Shukkeien Garden
Downtown Hiroshima for Okonomiyaki
Mazda Museum
Itzukushima Shrine
Mt Misen
Go back to Kyoto

21st Dec -Takayama
Stay in a Buddhist guest house. Try to catch some snow. Visit Hida Takayama
22nd Dec - Take the train back to Tokyo 4.5 hours.Rest.
23-29th Dec Tokyo (Detailed plan in progress. Planning 1 day trip to Nikko and Fuji 5 lakes each)
23 Dec- Emperors Day. Any special recommendations? Will the shops/restaurants/attractions be open?
25th Dec - Christmas.Any special recommendations? Will the shops/restaurants/attractions be open?
30th Dec - Fly back from Narita

Thank you.


Hello Gee,

Using a 7 day JR Pass for your itinerary works very very very well! You make amazing savings compared to buying normal tickets and the JR Pass will cover most of your travel. I see that you also have planned your itinerary well already and I am not going to touch anything from day 15-22, as it looks great.

Then on Emperors day, local shops may be closed but all bigger stores and restaurants will be option. It is probably going to be busy though, as it is a national holiday. Possibly you could make a visit to Kamakura. It is one of the top visits in Japan and easy to plan in from Tokyo.

Unlike other countries, Japan is just a normal day in Japan. Everything will be open and it is business as usual. There are many light ups around Christmas in Tokyo, so it may be worth viewing a couple.

Hope this helps,

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Hi Daniel-San,

Thank you for your feedback.
I have one more question.

Will buying the Seishun 18 Kippu tickets be useful during 22-29th Dec if two of us are planning to make day trip to Fuji 5 lakes(Or Hakone to see Mt Fuji), Nikko and Kamakura?
Or is purchasing individual tickets better?



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