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2 week or 3 week jrpass?

2 week or 3 week JRPass?


I am planning a 3 week trip around Japan.
I will spend a few days in Tokyo in after I arrive and before I depart form Narita -
that's why I am wondering which JRPass I should get.

I would like to go to Kyoto, then Osaka, Kobe, Hiroshima, Kagoshima and maybe Yakushima.
I am also considering making short trips to Yokohama, Nikko and stopping by in Hiroshima...
Is it too much to do in 3 weeks?

Since I will be spending around 5-6 days in Tokyo alone,
I will be using the subway in Tokyo and getting a return ticket to Narita.
wondering what is the best option here - 2 week Pass + N'Ex + subway pass or
a 3 week JRPass + some subway tickets in Tokyo?

Thank you in advance,



Hi there!

That sounds like a really great trip to do in 3 weeks! Based on your timings, the best solution is to purchase the 2 week Japan Rail Pass + NEX/Suica deal I think (provided you do your Nikko leg within your 2 week JR Pass segment, if not, then a 3 week pass makes more sense). That gives you 2 clear weeks to explore the country.

The trip to Yakushima can be expensive and may be a little hard to squeeze in with your other elements, so as an alternative how about travelling down to Ibusuki in Kagoshima? Ibusuki is really famous for it's hot sand baths and great countryside so I'm sure you won't be disappointed. Another alternative is a trip to Mt Aso in Kyushu - you can learn more about getting to Mt Aso with a JR Pass here.

Hope this helps!

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