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2 couples - 10d9n tokyo trip

2 Couples - 10D9N Tokyo Trip

Hi Guys,

Me, my boyfriend & another couple are travelling to Japan for the first time in the first week of April, 3rd April to 12th April.

We have already booked our apartment stay for 9 nights near Nishi-Shinjuku-gochōme Station.

For this station, are we able to use the JR pass to travel to Shinjuku station then change to Shibuya/Ginza etc??

We are planning to go a few places, please feel free to suggest to me if you have a better suggestion!!
1) Hakone for hot springs & temples
2) DisneySea
3) Kyoto for sight viewing & temples
4) Fish Market
5) Meiji Shrine
6) Sakura Viewing

Please feel free to suggest! Thanks!!


Hello there,

Nishi-Shinjuku-gochōme is a Toei-Oedo line station and not a JR station. You can however use the JR Pass for local travel to all these places from Shinjuku station.

We just published a 7 day example itinerary and I think you may find it useful, as it very much resembles your trip.

Other well worth places to visit in Tokyo are Odaiba and Kamakura.

Hope this helps :)

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Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your reply!

So from JR line, i need to buy another pass to transfer to Toei-Oedo Line?

Much Appreciated!


Hi Celestine,

Yes you'll need an other ticket for the Toei-Oedo line.

It's about 1.7km on foot to Shinjuku station (20min orso), so walking is an alternative :)

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If i only travel within tokyo, I would not need a JR pass right?

Only if i travel to kyoto/osaka right?


Yes indeed :)

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