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18 days japan itinerary

18 days japan itinerary


I am visiting Japan on 19th Nov to 6th Dec. I am very excited as this is my first time there!
Would love to run my itinerary by you first to make sure I get the most out of my 18 days in Japan :)

Day 1-3: arrive in Tokyo at 11am. Explore Tokyo.
Day 4: Head to Hakone or Shirakawa-go in the morning. Stay 1 night here.
Day 5: Explore around Mount Fuji Area (any suggestion please?). At 6.20pm take overnight train to Sapporo!
Day 6: Arrive in Sapporo 6.30am. Stay in Sapporo or Hakodate.
Day 7: Day trip in Hokkaido (which area in Hokkaido worth visiting in November? I am not skiing). At 9 pm take overnight train to Takayama.
Day 8: Arrive in Takayama 10am. Explore Takayama.
Day 9: Explore Kanazawa. Head to Kyoto in evening.
Day 10-12: Explore Kyoto.
Day 13: Head to Kinosaki Onsen in the morning. Stay 1 night here.
Day 14-15: Head to Miyajima in the afternoon. Explore Miyajima and Hiroshima.
Day 16-17: Explore Osaka, including day trip to Nara.
Day 18: Head to Tokyo.
Day 19: Fly home at 2pm :(

My itinerary look somewhat ambitious :) But I really like a fast paced travelling hopping from one town to another.
Do you think this itinerary is Do-able?
Any suggestion whether Hokkaido worth a visit in November?
Which town has the best view of Mount Fuji?

Also regarding overnight train to Sapporo, how much does it cost for a JR pass holder to sleep on a berth?

Thank you!!!


Hello there!

Your itinerary is indeed a little ambitious but nevertheless it looks like great fun!
The one thing you should plan well are night trains. They are a great experience but can be hard to book as they are very popular. Night trains can only be booked once you are in Japan but they may be sold out by then, so I would make an alternative plan as well for using the Shinkansen during day time. Also good to know is that there is no night train to Takayama, you may be able to take a night train to Tokyo but you would have to use day time trains to travel to Takayama. More details on prices can be found in our blog.
When visiting Fuji, I'd recommend a visit to either Kawaguchiko (Fuji 5 lakes) or Hakone.

November may be cold to visit Hokkaido but I think Sapporo is worth visiting year round.

Hope this helps!

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