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17 day itinerary

17 Day Itinerary

Hey guys

Planning to do some solo backpacking in Japan for 16 days was wanting some input into an itinerary. Its the first time I've been to Japan and I'm flying in and out from Tokyo!

I'm pretty easy going about it, and just want to experience it. Some wishes from the trip include that I want to go to Hiroshima for the war related stuff, stay in a Ryokan, check out an Onsen, see some sumo wrestling and check out some the modern architecture. I have checked out the suggested itinerary on this website though I'm weary of going to too many places and spend little time in them (based upon my last trip to SE Asia) Though I'm not sure if that problem is the same in Japan given the JR Pass.

So my rough plan (for accommodation purposes are) below. I plan to get a 14 day JR pass, though not sure if it is worth it.

Day 1-4 Tokyo
Day 5 - Tokyo daytrip to Niko (Toshogu Shrine)
Day 6 - Tokyo daytrip to Kamakura
Day 7 - Takayama (old edo style town)
Day 8 - Kyoto
Day 9 - Kyoto
Day 10 - Kyoto
Day 11 - Day trip to Nara
Day 12 - Kyoto to Mount koya
Day 13 - Mount Koya to Osaka
Day 14 - Osaka
Day 15 - Osaka
Day 16 - Hirshoma/Miyamjima
Day 17 - Miyamjima to Tokyo > depart

The suggested itinerary suggests to go to Kanazawa though I was thinking that it would be better to spend that time in the bigger cities instead. Is that a good option?

Thoughts would be appreciated!


Hi there,

A 14 Day JR Pass would work out great here! Not only would you make some amazing savings, the JR Pass also makes traveling around very convenient, as you just need one ticket to see most places.
The price of a 14 day JR Pass is about the same as a trip Tokyo -> Kyoto -> Hiroshima -> Osaka -> Tokyo. You will make some amazing savings with all the additional travel.

Personally I love Kanazawa and would recommend visiting it for sure. It would of course depend on your own interests but Kanazawa is a great way to experience a little of historic Japan, the Geisha Quarter for instance is still intact. Kanazawa castle is very beautiful and close to Kenrokuen Garden one of the most beautiful gardens in Japan. You could perhaps spend a day less around Kyoto/Osaka to visit Kanazawa, the Thunderbird express will take you directly from Kyoto - Kanazawa in a little over two hours.

Have a great trip!

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