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16 days itinerary and japan rail pass

16 days itinerary and Japan Rail Pass


I am going to visit Japan 16 days in middle of November 2014. And I already have in mind my itinerary! And since we go to a lot of different places I think the JR pass its the best option for us. What I would like to know is if my itinerary is good! It is possible to do? Maybe we should rethink the chronology of our trip? November is a good month for our trip?

I know that in Koyasan and Hakone there is a part that JR Pass is not included, is there any other place in my itinerary that Is not in the JR Pass?

1 - Arriving to Tokyo

2 - Tokyo

3 - Tokyo

4 - Tokyo - Nikko

5 - Tokyo - Kamakura

6 - Tokyo - Nagano (Snow Monkey Park)

7 - Tokyo - Hakone

8 - Tokyo - Takayama

9 - Takayama - Kyoto

10 - Kyoto

11 - Kyoto

12 - Kyoto - Nara

13 - Kyoto - Koyasa

14 - Koyasan - Miyajima

15 - Miyajima

16 - Miyajima to Aeroport

Best wishes,


Hi Catarina,

Looks like a great start! For the most part I think that your plan works out well. Only for your visit to Nagano is that I would recommend taking a day extra. This because there's quite some travel involved in getting to the snow monkey park, even from Nagano. An alternative would be to travel from Kamakura to Nagano and visit the monkey park the following morning. November is a nice month to visit Japan, there can be some rain but temperatures are generally very good, making easy sightseeing.

The JR Pass can be used for most of the route but you may have to rely on other kinds of transport in Hakone and for the last part to Mount Koya, also travel to the Snow Monkey Park will require use of a bus or local railway company.

What Airport will you be travelings to after Miyajima?

Hope this helps!

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Thank you Daniel for your reply :).
I didn't know about Nagano, I'm gonna see better that part.
We are going to Narita Airport in Tokyo, but the plane is only at night. Do you think it's safe? Or is better to sleep one day in Tokyo?

Thank you



Hi Catarina,

It's quite a ride from Hiroshima - Narita Airport, 404 Minutes to be exact. Given that you would want to be at Narita Airport at least 2 hours before depart I think that it may be better to return to Tokyo the evening before.

Hope this helps too!

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