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16 days in japan

16 days in Japan

We are in Japan for 15 nights/ 16 days from the 9th the 24th of April. We have an itinerary we are looking at doing but are open to suggestions if it can be improved. We are planning on basing ourselves in a maximum of 5 areas and doing day trips from there.

Tokyo (3 nights)
Hakone (2 nights)
Kanazawa - Side trip to Takayama in this time. (2 nights)
Kyoto - side trips to Osaka, Koya and Yoshino. (4 nights)
Hiroshima/Miyajima (1 night)
Tokyo - 2 days at Disneyland/Sea (3 nights)

We are planning on getting a JR 14 day pass but starting it after Tokyo. Is this the best way to do it or would you suggest a 7 day pass and local trains/ bus to Hakone?
Any help you can provide will be much appreciated.



Hi Dale,

You could use a 7 day JR Pass if you can cover travel from Hakone - Kanazawa ... Hiroshima - Tokyo with it, otherwise using a 14 day JR Pass will work the best. Within Hakone it can be handy to use a Hakone Free Pass, as the JR Pass can't be used within the Hakone area.

The rest looks very nice, like the adding in visits to Takayama, Kanazawa and Hiroshima.

Hope this helps,

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