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16 days in japan - which pass to buy & city suggestions?

16 days in Japan - which pass to buy & city suggestions?


I'll be traveling during the last two weeks of May and would really appreciate your advice & suggestions regarding Japan rail pass and some other cities to visit.

My itinerary is as follows (so far):

Day 1 - Tokyo Narita
Day 2 - 4 Tokyo (maybe Yokohama for the day)
Day 5 - 9 Kyoto with a day trip to Nara
Day 10 - 11 Osaka
Day 12 - Kanazawa
Day 13 - Nagoya (?)
Day 14 - 16 Tokyo - day trip to Mt Fuji

I'm considering buying the 14 day rail pass. Would you have any suggestions, other cities I should consider?

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Neither a 7 nor a 14 day full JR Pass would pay off for your itinerary. You would have to extend your travel. Some common popular other places to see would be Hiroshima/Miyajima, Himeji, Iwakuni, and Nikko. Since you are already going to see Tokyo, you can largely skip Osaka and Nagoya.


Hi there,

It's indeed hard to match a JR Pass to your current itinerary. You could consider a 14 day JR Pass if you add in a visit to Hiroshima/Miyajima (as Toraneko suggests). I've always found that Miyajima should be in any 1st time visit to Japan.

An other suggestion, is a visit to Tayama. It's a great visit and I personally like it better than Nagoya.

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Thank you all for your suggestions. I will either look into adding new stops for a JR Pass to be worthwhile or look into buying individual tickets.

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