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15 nights - itinerary check

15 nights - itinerary check

Hi there

We are travelling to Japan in April and our planned itinerary is as follows (arriving in Tokyo on Sunday 2 April):

  • 2 nights Tokyo
  • 3 nights Kyoto
  • 3 nights Kumano Kudo trek - travelling to/from Tanabe
  • 1 night Osaka (travelling from Tanabe to Osaka)
  • 1 night Kagaonsen and spend day in Kanazawa
  • 2 nights Near Takayama (Sakakami is nearest station)
  • 3 nights Tokyo (with hopefully a day trip to Mt Fuji)

Is this itinerary viable and will we get good use out of the rail pass?

Many thanks!


Hi there,

Yes your itinerary looks completely viable and a lot of fun too! I also looked at your itinerary to see if we could match a JR Pass to your trip but I must conclude that it would be better to buy normal tickets than buy a pass. This because normal tickets simply cost less than a JR Pass for this route.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks very much for your help!


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