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15 days tour

15 days tour

Hi there!

I need some advise. I have planned 15 days tour in Japan.

Itinerary will be like below

Japan 15 days tour itinerary
Osaka 2 nights
Hiroshima 2 nights
Kobe 1 nights
Nara 1 night
Kyoto 4 nights
Nagoya 1 night
Tokyo 3 nights

Do I need 14 days JR pass for this or individual trip will be more cheaper?

Thank you

Warm regards
Wilson Lee

Wilson Lee
Wilson Lee

Hi Wilson Lee,

I was looking for the best options for your itinerary and wondering if you arrive at Kansai/Osaka airport or somewhere else. This can make a difference for using the JR Pass.

Assuming you do arrive at Osaka, its quite hard to match a JR Pass at your current itinerary. The price of normal tickets is just below the cost of a 14 day JR Pass and the longer routes are too far apart to use a 7 day JR Pass on.

That said, if you could plan it in such a way that travel to Hiroshima, Nagoya and Tokyo is covered, then a 7 day JR Pass could be useful.

For instance:

Osaka 2n
Kyoto 4n
Nara 1n
Hiroshima 2n - start of the 7 day JR Pass.
Kobe 1n
Nagoya 1n
Tokyo 3n - end of the 7 day JR Pass.

Planning it like this would have your expansive Shinkansen travel within a 7 day period and could all be covered using a 7 day JR Pass.

Hope this helps,

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