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15 days in japan

15 days in Japan

Hi there,

We are planning a trip to Japan in May 2014. We are traveling with our 2 daughters (age 8 and 4) and arriving at Haneda airport on 22nd of May. Our flight out of Haneda airport is on 05th of June at 4:00 PM.

Below is our current itinerary as we have planned so far but we would like to get your opinion on few things before we finalise it. we have already booked our accommodation in Tokyo Bay. We like to explore the best of Japan but not sure we have been too ambitious? our children are well travelled so no issue with dragging them around a bit.

We are not sure if we should visit Mt Fuji and stay overnight on 29-May in Lake Kawaguchiko or proceed to Kyoto from Tokyo.

Other question is; can we utilise 7 day JR pass for this itinerary or shall we go for 14 day pass?

22-May Tokoyo Tokyo sightseeing
23-May Tokoyo Tokyo sightseeing
24-May Tokyo Bay Tokyo sightseeing
25-May Tokyo Bay Nikko day trip including Edo Wonderland and Tosho-gu Shrine
26-May Tokyo Bay DisneyLand
27-May Tokyo Bay DisneySea
28-May Tokyo Bay Disneyland & DisneySea
29-May Kyoto or Mt Fuji stay overnight in Lake Kawaguchiko
30-May Kyoto Kyoto sightseeing
31-May Mt Koyo overnight temple stay
1-Jun Kyoto Osaka Aquarium and train museum
2-Jun Kyoto Osaka Universal Studio and Osaka Castle
3-Jun Hiroshima Hiroshima sightseeing
4-Jun Hiroshima a day trip to Miyajima island
5-Jun Hiroshima to Tokyo take SHINKANSEN train at 7:24 am to Tokyo Haneda Airport

Thank you so much for your kind expert advice


Hi there,

I can tell by just looking at your itinerary that it is going to be great! I think it works well in terms of timing and time spend in places. What I would recommend doing is to make a day trip from Tokyo - Kawaguchiko instead of staying the night there or going on to Kyoto. Travel from Tokyo - Kawaguchiko is about 2H and going to Kyoto basically would mean traveling back to Tokyo to catch the Shinkansen from there. You could consider visiting Kawaguchiko on either May 28 and travel to Kyoto on the 29th or perhaps make a day trip to Fuji on the 29th and take an early train to Kyoto on the 30th.

Going for the 7 day JR Pass here would be the best option! You would be making some amazing savings by going to Hiroshima and visiting Miyajima.

I hope this helps!

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Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your feedback on our itinerary and we will make a day trip to Mt Fuji from Tokyo as you suggested. We still have few questions around travelling if you could help with please.

When shall we activate our7 day JR Pass if this the best option as you suggested?

What rail passes you recommend us to use during the rest of trip?

thank you


Hi Waruna,

The best moment would be to activate it on the 30th of May travel in the morning to Kyoto and use to JR Pass to return on the 5th from Hiroshima to Tokyo. This would allow you by far the make the best savings possible.

I would recommend buying normal tickets or use an IC card to travel around Tokyo as prices for local travel are low. You could consider a Monorail + Suica package for your arrival at Haneda airport to make your travel as convenient as possible.

Hope this helps!

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