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15 days - is it worth getting a 14 day pass

15 days - is it worth getting a 14 day pass


We have booked tickets to be in Japan 16-30 May this year. We have the following idea for our itinerary, but would love to hear whether it makes sense to get the 14 day pass (or maybe a 7 day pass for part of this trip). We have never been to Japan so it would be great to hear anyone's help/suggestions :-)

16 May Day 1. Narita Airport – Tokyo
17 May Day 2. Tokyo
18 May Day 3. Tokyo (daytrips maybe to Nikko or Matsumoto)
19 May Day 4. Tokyo – Kiso valley– stay in Tsumago
20 May Day 5. Kiso valley - Kyoto
21 May Day 6. Kyoto
22 May Day 7. Kyoto - Kinosaki onsen
23 May Day 8. Kinosaki Onsen - Osaka
24 May Day 9. Osaka
25 May Day 10. Osaka – Koya San
26 May Day 11. Koya San – Takayama
27 May Day 12. Takayama
28 May Day 13. Takayama - Tokyo
29 May Day 14. Tokyo – Narita
30 May – 12:15 Leave Narita, 23:45

Thanks a lot!


the short answer is Yes it is worth getting the 14day pass.
I would use the pass to take the Narita Express into Tokyo.
Since you are returning to Narita on the 14th day you can use the Narita Express, that gets to the Airport.
Depending on where you are staying on the 29th that might be useful.

The rest of your trip is very much served by getting the pass. One day trip from Tokyo I like to do is to Echigo-Yuzawa and even Niigata on the Shinkansen. But Nikko is also a great trip and as a first timer I'd recommend it! Basically that route involves going to Utsunomiya via Shinkansen then a branch to Nikko.

If you can fit it in maybe a day trip to Hiroshima/Miyajima from Osaka?

Enjoy your trip!


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