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15 day trip

15 Day trip

Can you assist with my 15 day itinerary travelling end June to July.
Day 1 Arrive Osaka at night
Day 2 Depart Osaka for Tokyo (2 days in Tokyo)
Day 4 Depart Tokyo fro Hakone (2 days in Hakone)
Day 6 Depart Hakone for Takayama (2 days in Takayama )
Day 8 Depart Takayama for Kyoto (4 days in Kyoto)
Day 12 Depart Kyoto for Hiroshima (2 days Hiroshima)
Day 14 Depart Hiroshima for Osaka (1 day Osaka)
Day 15 Depart Osaka at night

Kind regards


Hi Christine,

Did you have any specific concern?
I think that your itinerary looks well planned, you will visit many great places but also have a good amount of time for sightseeing.

Exept for local train in Hakone, all places are covered by the JR Pass and you will be sure to make some very nice savings too. I would recommend buying a Hakone Free Pass if you plan to explore Hakone.

I think that you are ready to go :)

Kind Regards,

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Thank you Daniel
No specific concerns, checking if I can use the pass for all of our train trips. If I validate the 14 day pass from 9am does that mean the pass expires 9am on day 14?
Kind regards


Hi Cristine,

The first day of use is counted as a full day (no matter what time you start using it), for instance if you activate it on the 25th of June, than it will be valid until July the 8th 23:59.

Enjoy your trip,

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