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14 or 7 days pass & other lines

14 or 7 days pass & other lines


I'll be travelling to Japan from Mar 27 - Apr 12. Currently contemplating whether should I get a 7-day or 14-day pass and how about to get train tickets not covered by JR line.

My itinerary as follows:

D0 - Mar 27: Arrive at Haneda at midnight
D1 - Mar 28 to D4 - Mar 31: Tokyo (staying near Omotesando st)
D5 - Apr 1 to D7 - Apr 3: Tokyo (staying near Shibuya st)
D7 - Apr 3 to D9 - Apr 5: Kanazawa (staying near Kanazawa JR st)
D9 - Apr 5 to D12 - Apr 8: Kyoto (but will be staying at the JR Nara st due to no rooms available in Kyoto)
D12 - Apr 8 to D13 - Apr 9: Nagoya (near Fushimi st)
D13 - Apr 9 to D14 - Apr 10: Gero (1 night stay at onsen ryokan)
D14 - Apr 10 to D15 - Apr 11: Osaka (near Nishiohashi st)
D16 - Apr 12: Kansai Airport

Option 1: My initial thought is to get a 7-day pass and the start date to be on Apr 3 which is the day I'm heading out from Tokyo. However the pass will expire on Apr 9, correct? Then my tickets to Osaka will not be covered, which is a bummer.

Alternatively, I'll need to take the 14-day pass
Option 2a: 14-day pass start date on Apr 30, such that it'll cover all my itinerary including Kansai airport. Can I get to Osaka aquarium and Osaka Castle via JR line?

Option 2b: 14-day pass start date on Apr 28, such that the pass expire the day I'm arriving at Osaka. This will be the best option assuming I can utilize the pass more for travelling within Tokyo.

Can you please share your thoughts on which option would be the best? Knowing that it'll be during the peak season, should I do seat reservation and how far ahead can I do the booking?

For the Kyoto visit, I'll be travelling everyday from Nara to Kyoto. Is it convenient to go Kyoto visiting places from the JR Kyoto station?

Is there a common pass or prepaid train ticket that I can use for other subway/train line in Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka that is not covered by JR line?

Kindly please advise. Thank you.


Also, i am planning to do a 1-day travel to hakone within my planned stay in tokyo. Would hakone free pass be a good option? however the hakone pass is by a different line?


I am confused a bit with your itinerary. Are you flexible with your dates? It looks like you are doing a lot of backtracking and wasting time, going from Kanazawa to the Kansai area, then returning back to Nagoya/Gero, then going back to Kansai to leave from Osaka.

At any rate a 14 day pass would not be cost effective at all. A 7 day might with the backtracking, but time is important as well.
Have you also looked at the various regional passes, as listed on:


Haha.. I kind of see that coming.

I'm traveling with a friend and we decided to add the nagoya/gero last minute. Currently the tokyo and osaka dates are fixed.

Can you please advise what would be a better route? We are still flexi for the others, depending on room availability.


Hi there,

In terms of route, something like Tokyo - Nagoya - Gero Onsen - Kanazawa - Kyoto/Nara - Osaka would make most sense in terms of routing.

As for the JR Pass, a 7 day JR Pass could be a good deal depending on the final itinerary. It does offer unlimited travel, so it's no problem if you have to travel the same route a couple of times.

For Tokyo, there are metro day tickets available which can offer good value if you plan on sightseeing a lot (600 yen for a full day).

Hope this helps,

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thank you for the advise!

We had revised the itinerary as below:

Mar 27 - Apr 3: Tokyo
Apr 3 - 4: Nagoya
Apr 4 - 5: Gero Onsen
Apr 5- 7: Kanazawa
Apr 7 - 10: Nara/Kyoto/Nara
Apr 10 -12: Osaka


Hi Fiaz,

Looks good!

Let me know if I can help with anything else :)

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