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14 days trip from 28/11/15 to 13/12/12 ( plan itinerary osaka - ( ) - hokkaiddo )

14 days Trip from 28/11/15 to 13/12/12 ( Plan itinerary Osaka - ( ) - Hokkaiddo )

Yes, Autumn time:
We wanted ( 2 of us ) will fly to Osaka - ( your advise ). - Hokkaido - Osaka ( fly back to S'pore ).
Can you help me with the itinerary ? And how should we travel if by using the JR pass ( My friend told me that to travel to Hokkaido by JR Pass is very cheap .. don't fly too expensive.) Pls advise.

14 days in Japan ( Help )


Hello there,

Making the trip Osaka - Hokkaido (Sapporo ?) in 14 days is actually not a lot of time. You'd spend over 12 overs on the train if you'd make the trip in one go. At the same time you can make very good savings over normal tickets if you use a JR Pass for this trip. In order to spend your time in the best way, consider using the train for one way Osaka - Hokkaido and make different stops on the way.

Some good stops you can make between Osaka and Sapporo include Tokyo, Sendai, Hachinohe, Hirosaki, Hakodate, Nobori bestsu before arriving at Sapporo. This would also help you make great use of the JR Pass.

If you are traveling on a budget, then you could make the trip back as well with the JR Pass but this does require good planning beforehand if you don't want to spend too much time on the train on a single day.

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Your friend's info is outdated.

A lot depends on your itinerary of course - a JR Pass can save you a lot if you are traveling long distance and going all over. But if you're only interested in getting from Osaka to Hokkaido, then a 90 minute airplane ride is far smarter than wasting over 9 hours on a train.
These days on low cost carriers like JetStar you can fly one way for as low as 5000 yen or about SGD 57.

ANA also has a special fare for tourists:

Other possible options are air passes - prices depends on your international carrier:

There are some restrictions with some fares on making date changes after ticketing, but you can save a lot of money as well as a lot of time you can use for sightseeing. For Hokkaido, there is also a regional pass, and around Osaka as well. Or if you travel more, a JR Pass might pay off as well. See:


Dear friends
Tks for the replies. Some changes ... here regarding the date 1 Dec to 13 Dec 2015.
ETA Fukuoka 1/12
4D3N : Hokkaiddo ( By flight )
5-6 :Day : Back in Fukuoka ( Hiroshima- Itsukushima ) _ Japanese friend - by car.
Day 7 - 12 : Please recommend - Can we take the JR rail to Tokyo / Osaka -> to Fukuoka
Day 13 : Going back to Singapore from Fukuoka.

Tks dates already confirmed .


You can certainly take the bullet train up to Tokyo and back down to Fukuoka. You could get a good savings using a 7 day JR Pass for that. Although if you are going to see Tokyo, you can largely skip Osaka during the day. But Kyoto and Nara are the cultural jewels of the country and worth some time to visit. Save Osaka for the night - Dotonbori plus the Umeda Sky Bldg and Abeno Harukas Bldg are wonderful at night:

You can see train schedules and regular train fares on:

http://www.hyperdia. com

Fukuoka is also worth some time. The Nanzoin temple is nearly unknown but one of Japan's finest places to visit:

You can see other things to see and do on:


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