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14-days jr pass and 16-day trip

14-days JR Pass and 16-day trip

Hi! Hope for help! Thanks in forward!

We are going to Japan in September. We'll buy JR pass for 14 days. But we have 2 days more. And I'm not sure how it more saving to activate passes.

We'll arrive to Narita at Sep 7 in the morning.
I'm planning to go to our hotel near Shibuya st. by Nex. We are going to use Yamanote line to travel around Tokyo
Sep 8 - Kamakura and Yokohama (for fireworks on summer ending)
Sep 9 - Disneyland
Sep 10 - Tokyo
Sep 11 - Tokyo, studio Ghibly museum probably and Odaiba
Sep 12 - Tokyo
Sep 13 - Hakone (we'll buy Hakone Free Pass)
Sep 14 - to Kyoto
Sep 15 - in Kyoto
Sep 16 - 1 day trip to Nara
Sep 17 - 1 day trip to Osaka
Sep 18 - 1 day trip to Kobe
Sep 19 - in Kyoto
Sep 20 - to Tokyo
Sep 21 - in Tokyo
Sep 22 - back home from Narita

May be i should activate passes on arrival and buy one-way tickets for nex on last day. Or may be to buy nex+suica first day and normal tickets to Kamakura and Yokohama. I think suica also will be convinient for subways and buses in our trip

Many thanks! Waiting for answer!


Hi there!

I would go for activating your JR Pass on day one to get your way to Tokyo and subsequent visits to both Yokohama and Kamakura covered. Than on the way back you will have the choice of going back by Narita Express, which will set you back around 3,000Yen or you can travel by local train, which starts around 1,200Yen or you can take the 900 Yen shuttle bus from Tokyo station.

I think that your itinerary looks very good and love the idea that you visit both Nara and Kobe, this way you will be sure to see the most of Kansai.

Have a great time in Japan!

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Thank you so much, Daniel-san!
You confirmed my opinion.
Just one more question.
Is it suica card ok for our trip back to Narita by Nex or local train?

Thanks again!



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