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14 days in japan (do i need jr pass)?

14 Days in Japan (do I need JR pass)?


I'm hoping you could help me to figur it out what is the more efficient way to go from:

a) Koyasan to Tokyo?

b) Koyasan via Hakone to Tokyo?
c) Koyasan via Takayama to Tokyo?

d) Kyoto to Yamazaki distillery?

The rest of my itinerary: We arrive and depart in/from Tokyo Narita (20.11-04.12).

Tokyo-Kyoto (sleep)

Kyoto (5 full days), with a day trip to Nara and to Yamazaki

Kyoto- Koyasan (sleep

Koyasan - ?? Osaka ? (sleep) or soemthing closer to Tokyo, but maybe within the Alps? - not sure how to way back to Tokyo, what to chose "in between"?

Tokyo (4 full days), with a 1 day trip to Fuji Lake.

Regardless the points b)->c) - I am searching a place "on the way", different from Kyoto and Tokyo, so to have different expierience, but not sure, if I have time for it?
Or maybe to much effort and just to add an extra night in Tokyo instead?

Would it be a Japan Rail Pass a good option for my plan?

Thank you so much for your help!


Hello there,

I recommend learning to plan with Hyperdia. This way you can find any route yourself. This is especially useful as the best route can depend on what day you travel and what time.

You can consider Matsumoto for a stop-over between Tokyo and Osaka. It only adds a little extra travel time and the trip is scenic to make.

An other amazing stopover is Hakone, this is the perfect excuse to enjoy an Onsen and enjoy the beautiful view of Fuji. I think it would add to your trip is a good way with more variety.

Hope this helps,

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