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14 days in japan

14 Days in Japan

Hi, I am planning a 14 day itinerary for 2 adults + 2 teenagers. We arrive at Haneda on 1st Dec and leave from Narita on 15th Dec.

The places we plan to visit are Tokyo, Yokohama, Nara, Disneyland/DisneySea (2 days), Hakone, Kyoto and Osaka. Please help with the following:
1) How to plan the route such that I save on travel time and money.
2) How much time should I spend in each location? (it's our 1st time visiting Japan)
3) Should I stay overnight in Hakone? A friend says Mt Fuji is covered by clouds in December, so it's a waste of time visiting Hakone.
4) Recommendations for reasonably priced accommodation for 4 pax in Shinjuku and Kyoto.
5) Will I save money getting a JR pass? What's the difference between a normal pass and 1st class?
6) Do I need to book seats in advance for travel on the bullet trains?



Hi there,

I see you have some questions, let's get started right away.

1.) You can use to find route information, ticket prices and more. See our guide on how to use it here.

2.) I would recommend taking a week to do Hakone - Kyoto - Osaka and return to Tokyo. This way you can use a 7 day JR Pass and make good savings on the way.

3.) December is indeed not the best time to visit the area. There's still plenty to do but I feel you could spend your time somewhere else better. Such as Nikko, Koya-san or Hiroshima.

4.) I don't have a specific hotel. However I would recommend looking at general booking websites and read other traveler reviews. This is the best way to find a good hotel. You can also sort on budget etc.

5.) Green Class offers more space and is generally a lot more quiet. Also see:

6.) You don't have to book seats in advance but it is recommended. Find all about reservations here.

Hope this helps,

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