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14 day trip in october (feedback please!)

14 day trip in October (feedback please!)


I would any appreciated any comments/feedback about my itinerary (using 2 week JR Pass). I'm in my 20s, travelling with a friend, and looking for good food, some hiking, scenic areas, and more of 'traditional' Japan rather than the super touristy areas. Thank you!

Day 1 - Arrive Tokyo Haneda
Day 2 - Nikko (day trip)
Day 3 - Tokyo to Hiroshima
Day 4 - Miyajima Island
Day 5 - Hiroshima to Osaka (is a stopover in Himeji to see Himeji Castle worth it?)
Day 6 - Osaka
Day 7 - Kyoto
Day 8 - Kyoto
Day 9 - Kanazawa
Day 10 - Takayama with a day trip to Shirakawa-go by bus
Day 11 - Takayama
Days 12, 13, 14 - Tokyo
Day 15 - Depart Tokyo


Hello there,

You've planned in a lot of fantastic places to visit in Japan, especially if you want to see more of the traditional Japan. Your plan somewhat resembles:

Himeji Castle is worth visiting, it will be busy with tourists but is considered one of the finest castles in Japan. However if you want one that is a lot less frequented but well worth visiting, go to Hikone near Kyoto.

Hiroshima and Miyajima are both in my top visits of Japan, however they are very busy and you will again just be one of the many tourists. If you would like a bit more quiet, then Iwakuni and Onomichi near Hiroshima are well recommend visits.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you Daniel! I don't mind being in places with lots of tourists...but I imagine travelling in October, there won't be as many tourists compared to the summer months (high season)?

One final you think this itinerary is too 'packed'? Hopefully it won't be too doesn't appear like it is. Would you recommend removing one stop to free more space?


Hi again,

The best times to visit Japan (at least as it goes to the weather). This does bring tourists in October, however don't worry about being swarmed or something ;)

I don't see any problems with your itinerary, such as being it too packed :)

Hope this helps too!

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