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14 day trip

14 day trip

Hellos everyone! Thanks for taking the time to read through this!

Soo.. I am from Singapore and I will be going on a 14 days trip to Japan. Landing at Narita
I will be purchasing a 7 day JR pass
I'm thinking whether I should head straight from

Narita -- Hiroshima -- Kyoto -- Osaka -- Tokyo


Narita -- Tokyo -- Osaka -- Kyoto --Hiroshima -- Tokyo

I have never been to Japan before so it is quite hard to plan all these by myself as I'm not very sure of the area.
Right now, I'm having issues on how to go about going to all these places.
Should I head straight from Narita Airport
Basically these are the places I wish to visit.

Tokyo (Estimate stay for 5-6 days)

Kyoto (Estimate 2 days?)

Osaka (Estimate 3 days?)
-Universal Studios Japan

Hiroshima (2 days?)
-Bunny Island (Okunoshima) -Miyajima (Itsukushima)

If you guys have any MUST GO places in any of these areas please let me know! Cause I am not familiar with them xD

Once again thank you for taking your time to read and help me with this. Really appreciate any help that you can give! =)


Hello there,

What time will you land at Narita Airport? I am asking this because the route from Narita Airport to Hiroshima is quite long and doing Narita -- Tokyo -- Osaka -- Kyoto --Hiroshima -- Tokyo may be a better idea. However you could consider visiting Hiroshima right away if you arrive early and want to cover as much travel as possible.

For some cool ideas on what to see and do: have a look at this 14 day example itinerary.

I would also recommend adding in a visit to Naoshima it is a very nice visit to make and not hard to plan in from Hiroshima or Osaka.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks for the help!
I will be arriving at 2pm at Narita.
Okay! I will go check out what things to do in Naoshima and check with my friends if they wish to go there.
Once again thanks for the help!


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