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14-day trip - itinerary check

14-Day Trip - Itinerary Check


We're planning a 2-week trip in May. We prefer to spend longer in fewer cities so we have a chance to explore and get lost.

I'm not sure the 14-day JRPass is right for this trip since our travel is so spread out. Would love your thoughts. Thanks!

DAY 1: Arrive Tokyo
DAY 2-4: Tokyo
DAY 5-7: Takayama/Shirakawa-go/Kanazawa (some combination thereof)
DAY 7: Travel to Kyoto
DAY 8-10: Kyoto with day trip to Nara/Uji
DAY 11: Travel to Osaka
DAY 12: Osaka
DAY 13: Day trip to Koya-san
DAY 14: Day trip to Himeji castle and/or Kobe
DAY 15: Osaka to Tokyo
DAY 16: Depart Tokyo


Hello there,

I checked your itinerary for the best option but the amount of travel is below the cost of a 14 day JR Pass. There's also no good way to match a 7 day JR Pass and therefor buying normal tickes is the best option for your itinerary. A 14 day JR Pass could be worth it if you were to include a day trip from Tokyo to Nikko or visit Hiroshima from Osaka however.

For the rest, I think your itinerary looks fine. There's no unnecessary amount of travel time and you'll have enough time to visit each place.

Enjoy Japan!

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A Koyasan World Heritage Ticket might save some money:


Thank you both so much for your replies! Can't wait to get to Japan!


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