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14 day railpass - what is coveredin my itinerary?

14 day railpass - what is coveredin my itinerary?


We will visit Japan next March/April.

So far this is our itinerary-

19th March Arrive early morning to Narita - spend the day relaxing with some exploring in Tokyo
20th March Spend the day in Tokyo exploring
21st March (activate JR pass) Take a day trip to Nikko
22nd March Visit Tsukij market in the morning and take the train to Kanazawa in the afternoon
23rd March Spend the day exploring in Kanazawa
24th March Spend the day exploring in Kanazawa, take the train to Kyoto in the evening
25th March Spend the day exploring in Kyoto, maybe visit Bamboo Grove
26th March Take a day trip to Nara
27th March Spend the day exploring Kyoto, maybe Kurama And Kibune
28th March Spend the day exploring Kyoto, take the train to Himeji in the evening
29th March Visit Himeji castle in the morning,Take the train to Okayama in the early afternoon, explore Okayama
30th March Take a day trip to Naoshima, take the train to Hiroshima in the evening
31st March Spend the day exploring Hiroshima
1st April Take a day-trip to Miyajima
2nd April Leave Hiroshima for Tokyo or a destination close to Tokyo
3rd April Spend the day in Tokyo or a destination close-by. Take the train from Tokyo to Narita airport in the evening
4th Return home :-(

Can you please tell me if the 14day pass is the best for us and on what parts of the itinerary it might not be useful. Also any improvements to the itinerary you can suggest would be most welcome.

Thank you very much



Hello Joanne,

The JR Pass will be a big help for your itinerary, there is so much travel here that you'll save a lot compared to purchasing normal tickets, think Nikko, Kanazawa, Kyoto, Hiroshima and back to Tokyo. I really would not want to make this trip without a JR Pass.

That said, it is will be an amazing trip to make. With many places included that I would rate as the best in Japan. I think a bit more time in Kyoto would have been nice but I am not sure how you'd plan it in, or what to remove for it.

Hope this helps,


Thank you very much Daniel, I appreciate your reply.

What we might do is move Nikko to the end, go to Kanazawa sooner and take an extra day in Kyoto. By leaving Hiroshima after visiting Miyajima we can break the journey to Nikko, overnight there and return to Narita in the evening.

What do you think?

Thanks again



Hi Joanne,

I honestly think that the first option is better. Its nice to finish in Tokyo, both to relax a bit before returning home and any last minute shopping you may want to do. Also doing Hiroshima - Nikko is one go is a very long trip.

Still this option would also work.


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