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14 day pass?

14 day pass?


Me and my girlfriend are going to Japan in June. Our plan is to travel from Tokyo to Fujisawa on 14th. of june, Fujisawa to mt. Fuji, mt. Fuji to Hiroshima and finally from Hiroshima to Kyoto where we arrive at june 25th.. Besides this, we might use the railway to go on a few one-day trips while we are in Kyoto and Tokyo.

Is it worth getting the 14 day pass for this?

Thanks in advance



It is possible to make the 14 day pass pay off, but only by adding some side trips and using it to come from Narita on the Narita Express. Some possibilities are going north of Tokyo on a day trip to Nikko, another possibility is going to Himeji near Kyoto which has Japan's best castle. Or you could go to Takayama on the way to Kyoto, plus a visit a bit past Hiroshima/Miyajima is Iwakuni.

Best of luck.


Hello Pelle,

You could also look at a 7 day JR Pass to cover Fuji - Hiroshima - Kyoto, given that you can cover this within 7 days. This route alone would give you nice savings with the JR Pass.

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