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14 day jrpass or

14 Day Jrpass or

Hi all,

I will be in Japan between 15 September and 26 September. I got confused about choosing my Jr pass whether 7 days or 14 days.

My itinerary will be

15.09.2015-18.09.2015 Tokyo
18.09.2015-21.09.2015 Osaka
20.09.2015 day trip to Hiroshima
21.09.2015-25.09.2015 Kyoto
22.09.2015 day trip to Nara
and then going back to Tokyo from Kyoto at 25.09.2015

thanks in advance and have a good day

Nur T.


Hi Nur T.,

If you do Tokyo - Osaka - Hiroshima - Kyoto - Tokyo, then you already have already covered more than enough for the 14 day JR Pass to help you make savings. Any additional travel is also what you would save, so it is a pretty good deal!

The pass will also cover travel between all the places in your itinerary and you can use it for local travel in many places as well, in addition to travel between Tokyo and the Airport (Haneda and Narita).

Hope this helps you!

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