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13 days travels in japan should i just get 7 days jr pass based on this itinerary

13 days travels in Japan should I just get 7 days JR pass based on this itinerary

I have come across your websites and find that your website is very useful.
I will be visiting Japan from 27 Nov to 10 Dec 2016 with family of 3 (all adults).

My plan itinerary is as follows :-
Arrived @ Haneda Airport - Osaka train station ( 27/11 to 30/11)
From Osaka train station - Kyoto train station (30/11 - 3/12)
From Kyoto train station - Fujikawaguchiko ( kawaguchiko station) via Tokyo (3/12-5/12)
From Kawaguchiko station - Tokyo Shinjuku station (5/12 - 10/12)
Departing from Tokyo Shinjuku - Haneda airport (10/12)

Can I check whether should I get 7 days JR pass with suica card (Tokyo travel) or 14 days for everything, based on the above itinerary?
If possible will you be able to tell me how to travel within these places using what type of transport?
I have tried using the hyperdia but find it not user friendly and don't seen to give me what I needed. Thank you.


Hi there,

Reading your travel plan, my advise would be to use a 7 day JR Pass from 27/11 to 3/12 and then use normal tickets for around Tokyo and Haneda.

You can also use the NAVI mobile app, If you find Hyperdia difficult. Links are here. We also have a guide on Hyperdia here.

The type of transport depends on where you wish to travel within each city. Generally Google Maps is a good way to find a point to point route.

Hope this helps,

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Hi Daniel,

Thank you for your help and for the links given .



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