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13 days tokyo, hakone, takayama, kyoto, mt. koya-san, kyoto, tokyo

13 days Tokyo, Hakone, Takayama, Kyoto, Mt. Koya-san, Kyoto, Tokyo

I am planning a 13 day trip and I would like input on the following itinerary:

Day 1: Land Narita 7:15 pm, exchange voucher for JR pass, then take the train to Shinjuku
Day 1: Overnight in Shinjuku
Day 2: Train to Hakone to stay the night at ryokan
Day 3: Train to Takayama, day trip to Shirkagowa, return to Takayama
Days 4 & 5: Train to Kyoto, stay two nights
Day 6: Train to Mt. Koya-san stay in Eto-in temple
Day 7 & 8: Return to Kyoto, stay two nights downtown
Days 9-12: Train to Tokoyo, stay four nights in Shinjuku
Day 13: Depart around noon from Narita

My questions are these:
1) For each leg of the journey, what time do you recommend that I leave?
2) Which trains do I catch, when and where? Transfers? (Btw, I will have a JR pass-but I do not buying another ticket if the time, scenery or comfort are worth it)
2) Is this a realistic itinerary?
3) Keeping in mind the time I have, are there are any day to 1/2 day trips from Tokyo that should not be missed?
4) Does anyone know of a good adventure tour company that has a great day or 1/2 day trip (i.e horseback riding, hiking, repelling, exploring)

Thank you in advance for your help.


Hi there,

1.) In general I would recommend taking the train around 10 a.m., however this is somewhat personal. I prefer to take my time in the morning and after breakfast make my way. However any time would work I guess, since your travel does not exceed over 3 hours per week.

2.) The route(s) you will travel are all straight forward and you can do the most by Shinkansen, which travel one route between Tokyo and Kyoto. Hakone is directly on the Shinkansen and Takayama can be reached via Nagoya. To get there, take the Shinkansen to Nagoya and from there the Hide Wide view express to Takayama (this is one of the most beautiful routes in Japan).

3.)Yes, it looks good.

4.) Not really, however it is quite easy to make a day trip from Tokyo to Nikko. One I would certainly recommend making.

Hope this helps,

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Once again, thank you so much Daniel-san. You have been so helpful.


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