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13 days japan trip

13 days Japan trip

Hi, my husband & I will be traveling to Japan (2 April to 15 April 2016). We are wondering if the below itinerary is feasible:

2 April : arrive at Osaka Kansai airport (late night)
3 April : visit Himeji castle & Kobe for Kobe beef (day trip)
4 April : Osaka castle & Dotonbori, etc
5 April : check out from Osaka & head to Kyoto
6 April : Kyoto - any day trips out of Kyoto to recommend to us?
7 April : Kyoto
8 April : Kyoto
9 April : Kyoto
10 April : Kyoto to Hakone for a night (is one night in Hakone alright to cover Hakone & one of the five lakes?)
11 April : Hakone to Tokyo
12 April : Tokyo - any day trips out of Tokyo to recommend to us?
13 April : Tokyo
14 Apri l: Tokyo
15 April : leaving Tokyo from Haneda airport

For the above itinerary:
(1) is a JR pass more economical? (2) is one day in Osaka too short? (3) will it be too rush to cover Himeji castle & Kobe in 1 day? (4) do we need 2 nights at Hakone to cover Hakone & the five lakes? Or 1 night at Hakone & another night at one of the five lakes? Our main point is to see Mt. Fuji but not to climb it. Would it be useful to get a travel pass (Fuji Hakone Pass?)? (5) please recommend day trips for us from Kyoto & Tokyo.

Thank you in advance for your advice. This is our first time to Japan.


Hi there,

1.) For your itinary it would be cheaper to buy normal tickets as you travel, as the price will be below the cost of a JR Pass.

2.) It would depend on what you want to see and do in Osaka. Even so a bit more time might be nice.

3.) This is the same as 2.) It depends on what you want to see and do. If your goal is to simply eat Kobe beef then it is fine, however more days in Kobe could be a nice thing too.

4.) You can view Fuji from Hakone. You could stay 2 nights in the area or one near the Fuji Five lakes. The most important thing here is to look at accessibility options beforehand, as travel around Fuji can be quite confusing. Then select a place that has easy access to both Hakone and Fuji Five lakes.

5.) I would also recommend adding a visit from Tokyo to Nikko.

Hope this helps,

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Hi Daniel,

Thank you so much for your advice. We have decided to stay 2 nights in Hakone. Could you advise us if there is any travel pass option that will be cheaper for use in Hakone, five lakes & then to Tokyo from Hakone? Or we should stick to normal tickets?



Hi Misty,

You can consider using a Hakone Free pass for travel around Hakone. It does of course depend on how much travel you do, whether it will pay off.

Hope this helps,

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