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13 days in japan

13 days in Japan


It'd be my first time traveling around Japan in April and I'm thinking of getting the 14 days JR pass. Would love some inputs and also confirmation that the 14 days pass will be worthwhile!

6 - 8 Apr in Tokyo
8 - 12 in Kyoto (with side trips to Nara and Kobe)
[Thinking of fitting in an early day trip to Himeji] 12 - 13 in Osaka
13 - 14 in Naoshima
14 - 16 in Kanazawa
16 - 17 in Kawaguchiko
17 - 18 in Tokyo again before returning home

Appreciate any inputs and help! Thank you!


Hello there,

It's always best to look at ticket prices and see if savings can be made using JR Pass.

Tokyo - Kyoto ¥ 13,800
Kyoto - Naoshima (Uno station) ¥ 9,010
Naoshima - (Uno) to Kanazawa ¥ 12,830
Kanazawa - Kawaguchuko (Otsuki station for Kawaguchiko) ¥ 16,840
Kawaguchuko (Otsuki station for Kawaguchiko) - Tokyo ¥ 3,140

For total of ¥ 55,620 or at least ¥ 9,230 in savings, as the 14 day JR Pass is ¥ 46,390. This is not counting any of the day trips you may make or local travel.

Hope this helps,

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