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13 days hakone, disney, kyoto, nikko...

13 days Hakone, Disney, Kyoto, Nikko...

I'm going to Japan on December and I'd like to know if it´s a good idea a 14-day JR Pass for this itinerary:

day 1: Narita to Tokyo (Shinjuku)
day 2: Tokyo
day 3: Hakone
day 4: Disneyland
day 5: Nikko
day 6: Tokyo to Kyoto
day 7: Nara
day 8: Kyoto
day 9: Kyoto to Nagoya and return same day do Kyoto
day 10: Kyoto to Tokyo
day 11: Kamakura
day 12: Tokyo
day 13: Yokohama
day 14: Tokyo to Narita

Can you help me ?

Thank yoy very much.



Hi Sergio,

That's a pretty packed trip! You have the following legs in your journey:

Narita -> Tokyo ¥2940
Tokyo -> Odawara ¥7280 return
Tokyo -> Disneyland ¥920 return
Tokyo -> Nikko ¥10860 return
Tokyo -> Kyoto ¥13220
Kyoto -> Nara ¥1380 return
Kyoto -> Nagoya ¥10880 return
Kyoto -> Tokyo ¥13220
Tokyo -> Kamakura ¥3800 return
Tokyo -> Yokohama ¥2920 return
Tokyo -> Narita ¥2940

Total: ¥70,360.

As a 14 day rail pass is ¥45,100, you will make a saving of ¥25260 ($330 USD) so will almost certainly benefit from a 14 day Japan Rail Pass! You can find prices for more routes at the JR travel planning site:

Hope this helps!

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Thank you for your help. I will use JR Pass for the trip.


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